Wednesday, December 23, 2009


i love ya, tomorrow. you're only a day away! yeah...only a day away. now all i have to do is get through work. come home...pack. sleep. go to work again...come home and catch a shuttle to the airport and by 4pm tomorrow...back in utah it is!

i am so excited. for any of you who have small excitement level rivals theirs right now. i am too excited to sleep. i just think about christmas. and i have to make all this christmas mood stuff up from scratch down here...cause there is no white fluffy snow to inspire me! and c' cold and wet...and cold as snow just isn't christmas without snow!

i have like 50 christmas song lyrics i could use right now, but we'll stick to the basics...

i'll be home for christmas...
i'm dreaming of a white christmas...
baby, {i hope it's} cold outside...
in 31 hours i will be...walking in a winter wonderland!

ho ho ho! merry christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tree...take 2

so this is tree 2. this is how he got here...

sunday night while i was working, pace was snuggly sleeping in bed. about 12:30am my christmas tree decided that it wanted to tip over. so it did. right in the middle of my living room. pace jumped out of bed to find the tree on its side...ornaments scattered all over the floor. knowing that i would be home at 5am he stood the broken tree back up in the corner and left me a note explaning the mishap.

i, well, i cried. i had to take my tree down 3 days before christmas. it was sad. it was awful. this was my best tree ever, and it was ruined. i called my mom...told her. called my soon-to-be-mother-in-law and told her. i held back tears all day at work yesterday. little did i know, santa sent a super little elf named pace to target to make it all better.

i came home to a tiny tree, ever so carefully placed in the corner. all lit up (half the lights from the other tree! this one glows!) and redecorated with brand new ornaments. santa's elf (my FABULOUS FIANCE!) bought all new decorations and placed my dove right in the front and put the red skirt back underneath. i cried when i came home.

it is a beautiful tiny tree, decorated specially for me with lots and lots of love.

thanks pace, for making my last few days of christmas shiny and bright again. i didn't know that you worked for santa? :)

merry christmas to all...and to all...Font sizea good tuesday!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

so so proud...

this quick little post is dedicated to my fab fiance who has literally just finished the semester that he began way back in august. poor guy has not had a single break since august. never missed one class, and worked almost full time the entire semester. it's been a while since i've seen him, but we get by. he has been buried in his office for about a week writing...and writing...and more writing. good thing he is truly an amazing writer. i am so proud of how hard he has worked and so impressed with his focus.

babe, we are exactly half way there! well done. your hard work and dedication will pay off. you are my favorite writer.

my hope is for one of his stories...well, my hope is for all of his be published so that you all can read what an amazing talented short story/fiction writer my soon-to-be-husband is.

i am so proud of you pace!


Monday, December 7, 2009

o' christmas tree, o' christmas tree...

finally!!! we have a tree, i love it. i think it might be my best tree thus far. that is, a tree that i did without my mama...we have had some glorious trees. but, for sure this is the best tree on our own. it was a joint decorating job and we had a blast! we waited until the football game was over, and dinner was over and just turned on christmas music and decorated until our little hearts content. i did the lights, all 1500 of them...a little much on a 7 foot tree? nah! pace put the nativity together- minus baby jesus. i wasn't aware that baby jesus wasn't supposed to be in there until christmas eve. whoops! anyway, after fluffing the branches and the lights...and the poinsettias and the awesome new silver dove, then came the ornaments. i basically rotated telling pace what colors to put on and he very thoughtfully hung them. he lasted quite a while, but when it came time to actually placing the ornaments on the inner branches and putting in the berries...he "supervised". and what a great supervisor he was, as our tree is fabulous. and as i am 7 days late getting it up, it shall stay up 7 days longer!

oh how i love the holidays. i love sitting in my jammies staring at the tree...and moving ornaments around! my job is never done...and sometimes you just need one more...or two more...

happy happy holidays!

Monday, November 30, 2009

tiny tree

so i was wandering through target this morning wanting to get some new decorations. i wanted a tiny tree to set on top of one of my shelves, but wasn't loving what i was finding. i love my red, green and silver ornaments and decorations and just couldn't find anything i loved. as i was wandering i stumbled on a cute cupcake holder shaped like a tree and well, basically i really wanted it and had to find a way to use it. as i was looking at it i thought, hey i bet i could put extra ornaments in place of cupcakes. and so was born my tiny ornament tree. i just grabbed a bow out of the gift wrapping section and attatched it to the top. above is my final product. i love it, and it was super cheap and now it matches my decor perfectly. and now i have an excuse to make holiday cupcakes!

i love this tiny tree. it makes me smile...and want to get the big one up soon! only 72 hours left. pace has agreed to help me put it up on thursday! pics coming soon!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thankful thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving my fellow bloggies! i wish you all a fabulous day. hope that no matter where you are you are staying warm, eating lots of good food and enjoying fabulous company! pace and i are having thanksgiving down in cali, just the two of us. a relaxing day spent lounging, eating and watching football! i just don't see how it could be any better! we are also planning on going to old town orange and taking a step back in time to see all the cute decorations and festivities around the town square. it pretty much should be awesome.

on a more serious note, many friends have experienced the loss of a loved one in the past weeks. i feel so grateful for my family and friends. i am thankful for all of my loved ones. my heart goes out to my best friend, cole. be strong buddy. you're going to be a great daddy. baby hunter is in good hands with his grandma for the next four weeks. and when he gets here, he'll bring lots of love down with him; lots of love from his grandma. and my heart is with you brave brie, for the loss of your beautiful baby girl. she knows how amazing her mommy is.

we miss our families greatly this time of year, but are thankful for all that we have. we are thankful to have families that love and support us. great friends who do the same. thankful that we have been provided this awesome opportunity to live down here and for all the experiences (good or bad, large or small) we have had down here.

i am thankful for pace. for his support, for taking care of me, for doing his best to make me smile...every single day. and for loving me.

i am feeling very blessed this thanksgiving and very grateful for everything i have.

happy happy thankful thanksgiving.

Monday, November 23, 2009

it's christmas time again...

and as i can't put decorations up in my casa yet, why not deck my blog? so that's what i did. working on getting my christmas music uploaded, as i know my mom and the ladies at ihc so enjoyed that last season. i am so very excited for christmas this year, don't know exactly why, but i am feeling super holiday-y this year. maybe it's because i have been listening to christmas music in my car since, oh, october 31. i totally broke my own rule one day early and it has been worth it!

'tis the season!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

there's no place like...

super super excited about this one! just booked our flights home. trading the sunny bright california christmas for a snowy white utah christmas. we get in on christmas eve, with time to celebrate with our families this year. last year, i was chillin' at the airport and pace was trying to warm up from his awful night in nephi. anyway, this year, we travel together.

dear santa,

don't forget to deliver our presents in utah. we've been extra good this year!


katie & pace

i am so dreaming of a white christmas!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

little big news

ok, so i am like four days behind on posting my little big news. but, it's time. new job, new job, new job! so excited about it. still retail, i actually don't mind the retail hours as much as i thought i would. pace is super busy with school and work right now, so it is hard on saturday and sunday when i work and he is home. but, it is also nice because he is able to read and write and work while i am gone. and with my schedule being all over the place, i don't spend tons of time at the apartment by myself. it works for us for now. so anyway, back to my new job. i am leaving victoria's secret. trading in my all black dress clothes wardrobe for american eagle. i was offered an assistant manager position at south coast mall. probably my favorite mall...ever. it is truly fabulous. so, yeah, i start on november 16th. and i get to wear jeans and flip flops to work...its like every day is a super uber casual friday. i'll miss my girls at victoria's secret, but i am super excited about this new challenge.

plus...we get to come home for christmas! which pretty much makes a job change worth it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

too much time on my hands

yeah, way too much time on my hands. so today is my day off...rad! been up for oh, bout an hour or so. still in jammies, still cuddled up under the latest birthday present faux furry blankie and yeah having internal battle numero uno of the day. internal battle numero uno is usually the only internal battle of the day that changes. i have like 50 of these little guys a day. 99% of the time they stay the same: go to the gym, don't go to the gym; hair up, hair down; wear a dress, or wear pants; black short cardigan or black long cardigan...catch my drift? internal battle numero uno is usually the "decision of the day".

so this is the internal battle of the day, today. saturday is halloween. i heart halloween. love love love this holiday. maybe it is my old spartan pride coming back...true love for the orange and black. or maybe it is because i love dressing up, putting on make-up, i don't know guys. but, i love this holiday. for the past, oh lets say 24 years every single halloween i have had the same dinner. at my moms, at my grandmas, at my apartment, doesn't matter where i am it is the same meal. what meal is that? classic "halloween" meal. a truly awesome katie friendly dinner.

sloppy joes, chips, glazed donuts (maybe krispy kreme, maybe not), chocolate milk and olives.

i love this meal. simple, quick, easy, messy. donuts and chocolate milk? for dinner...c'mon! ok, so here is the internal battle. i have found some seriously seriously awesome halloween recipes. like pumpkin alfredo with cresent moon ravioli's...this is where the battle begins. do i let go of 24 years of tradition to serve my own selfish craving? will my mom and grandma dis-own me if i don't have sloppy joes for dinner on halloween? can i live with myself if i ruin my own halloween tradition? i don't know! that is why it is an internal battle!

my heart is telling me to go with the traditional and my tummy says...try something new! yikes. so needless to say this is what i am going to be internalizing for the next 48 hours. it is gonna be rough.

see what i mean? i have way too much time on my hands. oh, and no guys, this is not the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes that i was talking about. that will still be discussed at a later date. it really isn't a big deal, just something new and fun.

wish me luck. will it be heart or tummy? only time will tell.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

as david bowie once said...

" i still don't know what i was waiting for
and my time was running wild
a million dead-end streets
every time i thought i'd got it made
it seemed the taste was not so sweet
so i turned myself to face me
but i've never caught a glimpse
of how the others must see the faker
i'm much too fast to take that test

a minor/major change is in store down here in sunny california. nothing too major in the large scale scheme of things, but it has the potential to be a major one. nothing bad, it's good. i just can't talk about it until friday. so this is just a teaser post...

stay tuned.

Monday, October 26, 2009


wow, it has been a rough few days. nothing worse than loosing your favorite shades the day before you are going to hang out in the sun cheering for your favorite college football team. and that is exactly what happened to me. friday, i totally lost my favorite aviators. it was awful. i was so upset. tore my apartment apart trying to find them. as pace and i were walking out the door i was telling him my sad story and he said "i'm sure you didn't loose them. you just misplaced them...again." "no babe, they are gone. i have really lost them." good thing i have a stash of less then loved sunglasses in my car. so my previously favorite black round shades joined me in cheering on the trojans saturday. and luckily, they were not bad luck!

today, hurrah! i found them in the bag from express containing my fabulous new jeans. i screamed with joy! it was a truly awesome find.

i also found a love of yoplait whips. fantastic. they come highly recommended by katie's. i personally have been enjoying the strawberry mist, chocolate mousse and peaches & cream. yummy! i would love to blog about my love of halloween candy...or hostess monster cup cakes. but, i feel that i have exhausted them this fall season. time to get back on the healthy-er treat train. hmm. luckily i have my new friends the whips to keep me company!

halloween is saturday. we don't have any little kids in our apt complex, which means that again, i will sit next to the door with my bowl full of candy (the kind that i don't snickers or skittles, or those honey bee thingys.) and hope for trick-or-treaters. and again, i will be sad to have none. so if anyone wants to bring their kiddos trick-or-treating in anaheim, ca let me know. i will be ready for them!

been on a blogging slump. hoping to be rejuvinated, soon. today seemed like a good day to start it up again!

happy early halloween fellow bloggers...and readers!

katie out.

oh, and a shout out to kristine & jake...congrats on the birth of brand new baby cousin-in-law jonathan jacob {last name withheld for privacy}. can't wait to see the little guy. hopefully at christmas time. congrats to the new mommy & daddy!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

happy birthday gramps!

picture above circa 1983

happy 81st birthday to my grandpa vawdrey! hope you have a wonderful day! love you lots!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

it's up to york, new york!

yup, i am a few games behind. but, i must not abandon my boys in blue.
even with my casa in the shadow of the stadium, i will not forget who i am and where i came from. ok, so maybe not where i come from, but you get the point.

go yankees!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

did you know...

october 18th

is national chocolate cupcake day? seriously, in the running for the best holiday of the year.
count me in for the celebration!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

i want, i want...

{m missoni silk ruffle dress}

this dress. and i am not sure how i am going to get it, but i must find a way. now accepting donations towards the "katie needs $865 for this dress so that she can wear it for all of her upcoming fabulous events...not all, but for sure one."

i am in love with this dress.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

new word...

yes, it is true. i have created a new word which i am in love with. {it very aptly describes katie must have items pictured above.} it happened last night, while trying to calm down to get my needed 6 hours of sleep before my lovely 6am saturday morning-it is way too early to be remerchandizing the entire second room of my store-shift. anyway, we were putting together the book shelves in pace's office and he kept finding my little black bobby pins all over. which lead to this conversation...

*psg: why do i keep finding these little things all over? just get rid of them.
*me: what things?
*psg: these little things!
*me: oh, those. i need those. i can't get rid of them. gimme it!
*psg: really? you have tons of them.
*me: yes, but i need them. all of them. they are a... {at a loss for a word...tired,
not processing things correctly....} they are a necessory!
*psg: {burst out laughing} a what?
*me: a necessory. a necessary accessory. necessory. {giggling...lots of giggling}.
yes babe, you are in the presence of a genius! it is pretty much the best new
word since i created glamulous or k-fab. i am brilliant!
*psg: you do good work, katie girl.
*me: yeah, i is awesome! i can't wait to blog about this one!

so here i am sharing this oh so fabulous word with you. ladies...fellow bloggers...anyone who reads this...the word of the day is...


Saturday, October 3, 2009

and the winner is...

happy birthday to me, love me!

happy birthday to me!

happy birthday to me; happy birthday to me;
happy birthday to katie...
happy birthday to me!

i love my birthday soo very much. hardly slept a wink last night because, well, i was just too excited to sleep! today should be a great one. pace is getting me a donut, the breakfast of champions! and yes, for those who know me...just one donut, singular. i would love a dozen, but my clothes won't. after my championship breakfast we are going shopping, coming home and decorating...while watching football, and then going to dinner at renata's so i can have gnocchi. fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. and with any luck, i will have a fancy new purse accompanying me to dinner.

happy birthday to me!

*as i write this, i am bundled in my favorite blanket on the couch, giddy as a five-year old...while my fiance is...sleeping. evidently, my birthday isn't as much fun at 8am on a saturday to him as it is to me. but, i still love him.
**and i really, really, really, want this cake.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

eenie meenie miney moe...

decisions, decisions.
birthday weeks are filled with difficult decisions. now that i am moved into my apt, not yet unpacked, but moved in...this is what i fill my time with. i love birthday weeks spent occupying time deciding which fabulous new fall bag i need. hmm...decisions, decisions.
happy big 27 birthday to me in less than 48 hours.
i heart my birthday!

Monday, September 28, 2009


utah museum of fine arts
at the university of utah

june 26, 2010
i am pretty excited about this fabulous location for what is sure to be the best day...ever!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


june 26, 2010.

too excited to write anymore. will post details later! yeah for weddings!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

like a good neighbor

or the opposite. these are some new basic "rules" i think i am going to post on my door. i think that my neighbors think that the complex is empty besides them. and it is getting ridiculous. if you are short on time, skip down to rule 6. it is the most important one.

dear neighbors,

please observe the following rules. effective...immediately

1. no talking/shouting/cursing out your former friends on the phone while standing on your porch between the hours of 6:ooam and 7:00am. as your porch is next to my bedroom window where i am trying to sleep.

2. should you decide to invite all your friends from the surrounding area to "your pool"...see if they can arrive before midnight. please don't play a drunken screaming game of marco polo at 1am, as it seems that with alcohol comes memory loss as to who is supposed to be saying "polo".

3. i realize that i have a really nice courtyard in front of my house, but your patio is equally as nice upstairs. so if you feel the need to "rock out" to awesome late 90's hits and smoke an entire pack of would be awesome if you could use your patio instead of my front porch. as my bathroom is right inside the courtyard it is unpleasant to get out of the shower and smell like cigarette smoke.

4. what ever you are saying to upset your roommate at midnight resulting in slamming of the door and almost knocking the art work of of my wall...please don't say it anymore. i really like the pictures on my wall and would like to keep them in one piece.

5. please, please, please, never ever ever again clear your throat and spit off of your patio in the direction of my apartment. if you have a cold or some sort of sore throat, please go to the doctor. i will let you use my insurance if needed. but please, no more throat clearing at the 5 and 55 every hour!

and last but not least, (and possibly the favorite)

6. if you feel the need to listen to selena's awesome hit "dreaming of you" so only once. no need to have it on repeat for a hour. nor do i need to hear you trying to dance to it from below. it is a slow song you know.

warm regards,

your super friendly and polite neighbor

i may not be stoked at the idea of moving. but i am totally stoked at the idea of getting some new neighbors and not living in a giant "fish bowl" as pace likes to call it. windows on all sides of the apartment. lots of light...and lots of noise!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


i watched this movie and it made me think of this person!

my sound of music watchin' buddy!

i love you grandma.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

guess what time it is?

i am a utah man, sir, and i live across the green,
our gang it is the jolliest that you have ever seen.
our coeds are the fairest and each one's a shining star,
our yell, you'll hear it ringing through the mountains near and far!

we're up to snuff, we never bluff, we're game for any fuss.
no other gang of college men dare meet us in a muss.
so fill your lungs and sing it out and shout it to the sky,
we'll fight for dear old crimson for a utah man am i!

and when we prom the avenue, all lined up in a row,
and arm in arm and step in time as down the street we go.
no matter if a freshman green, or in a senior's gown,
the people all admit we are the warmest gang in town.
we may not live forever on this jolly good old sphere,
but while we do we'll live a life of merriment and cheer,
and when our college days are o'er and night is drawing nigh,
with parting breath we'll sing that song:
"a utah man am i".

who am i, sir,
a utah man am i!
a utah man, sir,
will be 'til i die.

go utes!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

happy because...

these two are coming to town for "moving to anaheim day"

and this fabulous beyond fabulous show is on tonight.
ah, i heart happy wednesdays.
and i heart those who read my blog.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

awesomeness in film...

loved loved loved this movie. would dare to say one of the best movies i have seen this year. next to the wrestler and public enemies. seriously, if you have no qualms with a) rated r flicks b) blood and violence..and language c) tarantino movies d) the complete opposite of being historically accurate...go see it! you will not be disappointed! parts were slow moving as to be expected, but it was awesomeness it film.

i heart you brat pitt. and i heart you too, quentin tarantino.

the knot.

it's true. i created a page for pace and i on i won't lie. it pretty much will be (when it is done) an extension of my blog created just for wedding info. so, if you would like to follow along...feel free to visit. i have just but the basic info up, no details yet. and the date given, june 18th, is the earliest date of the wedding. not the date, just had to pick one to create the page. so don't feel like you are missing out on the good stuff because you didn't know that i was getting married on june 18th, 2010!

and if you visit please...sign your name in the guest book!

been a long time...

and lots of awesome things have been going on down here in socal. ok, so maybe not lots, but some awesome things. we have finalized our moving date...yeah...or no, yikes. moving is so stressful, but we will get through it! my cute sister and her super cute boy mike are hopefully coming down to help us move...and we will be rounding up troops from here to help as well. so all you socal friends, don't make any plans for the weekend of september 25th, cause you will be helping us move to anaheim. of course i will post pics when it has been katiefied. but, certainly not before. no one really wants to see all my fabulous things in boxes...especially me!

the wedding planning is going s l o w. i found a dress, while up in utah. and that is kinda about all we have done. i have narrowed down my venues to about 4. i will be in utah for about 48 hours in two weeks to pick and hopefully sign a contract. once we get that out of the way it will be full steam ahead. so i am taking reccommendations and suggestions for florists, photographers and d.j's/live bands who do weddings. leave 'em here if they are good!

see the above posts for the real fun stuff that we've been up to! i promise, as always, one day i will get back to my super terrific blogging self. but, i've been in a rut. hopefully, i am climbing out of it.

off to the gym...for fear that my super awesome fabulous glam wedding dress won't fit in june, if i don't. seriously, i took a month long break from gyming it up. not cool. really not cool.

stay tuned.

katie out.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

the ring

ahhh, swooning.

i love it. it is beautiful, everything that i could have imagined. this photo is with the wedding band on, which obviously, doesn't get to stay with me...have to wait until next year for that one!

i am in love.

Monday, August 3, 2009

"say i do...

i do! i do! i do! i do! i do!" (name that abba song! heheheh!)

that's right. if you haven't guessed it...pace and i are getting married. wow. seriously, wow. i cannot express in words how completely overwhelmed with excitement, and joy i am at this moment. it happened yesterday afternoon, on a picnic, in good ol' murray park. it was so perfectly perfect for the two of us, so totally "katie and pace". i will love murray park, artic circle corn dogs and pace for the rest of my life. no, he didn't put the ring on the corn dog stick...but it would have been quite hilarious if he had. it was the most genuine, loving thing he has ever done. it was so perfectly, simple and sweet and...perfect. just perfect. i cried and cried, forgot to breathe, forgot to answer, and scared some people trying to enjoy their picnic cause i was having a panic attack.

we haven't set a date, we are working on it. it will not be at christmas, and will be somewhere between june 1 and july 20 of next year. i am running on little sleep, high adrenaline and pure emotion. this man is my best friend, my confidant, my...well, everything and finally i get to officially call him mine and my husband. wow. we have had our ups and downs, and more ups and more downs, but we are us. we make it through and we make it better.

our families are fabulous. i have never felt more love and support from any group of people in my life. thank you for celebrating with us. thank you for loving us and supporting us.

i am totally at a loss for words...although it isn't showing!

i do...i do...i do...i do...i do!

ps...that ring isn't mine. i had mixed feelings about posting it. i will if you want me to, but i wasn't sure what the "etiquette" about ring photos was! so if you want to see it...speak up!

Friday, July 31, 2009

katie math

plus (+)

plus (+)

equals (=)

the end.

and this math equation starts tomorrow at 6am.

Monday, July 27, 2009


that's right! it is just around the corner. happy happy monday to me! pace and i will be leaving on a jet plane early saturday morning for ten awesome days with family and friends in good ol' murray! i am so excited to come back. i came home for less than 48 hours in may, but haven't really been home since christmas. pace on the other hand has not been home since christmas. so needless to say, we are stoked! i am sure photos will be taken, i will try try try to get them up on the blog. so fellow utahns...

see you on saturday...or early next week!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

just do it.

after much, much deliberation i have decided to keep my own tradition alive and i am getting my bum out of bed tomorrow and going to the nordstrom anniversary sale...alone. cambria will be shopping without me, and me without her. hmm. sad. but, since i was in 6th grade i have YET to miss the first day of the anniversary sale. yes, 6th grade. up until 2007 i went with my dad and my sister, then i guess my dad decided that at the age of 25 i no longer needed a "back to school wardrobe"...considering that it had been 3 years since i had been in school! i have the world's best daddy! :)

anyway, tomorrow or saturday...or sunday, i will update you on my fabulous fall fashion finds!

must go to bed. big shopping day ahead of me!

katie out.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

a summer must see

highly recommed this movie. a tiny bit long, but well worth it. if you thought you loved mr. depp as jack sparrow...just wait til you see him as john dillinger. wow. that is all i can say. wow.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

fourth of july and.... richard nixon?

so, first i promised that i would post this weekend. it is 8:30 am on the 4th of july and i am too excited to sleep. so i am awake, blogging. because there is no parade to attend. :( saddness. anyway, totally excited for our party this eve. should be a blast. edith confirmed that there will in fact be a live mariachi band and yeah, that makes it better. is a theme party. who loves a theme? i do i do!!! so, it is a retirement/happy birthday edith's dad/happy fourth of july party with a luau theme. rad. on the agenda today is finding a fourth of july themed hawaiian dress. wish me luck.

last night robert and laura (roomie from freshman year at asu) came to dine with us. pace had this oh so fabulous idea to dine at the el adobe restaurant in san juan capistrano. i am always down for mexican food, could eat it pretty much everyday with no complaints. as we had never been, and robert and laura had obviously never been we decided to give it a go. best food ever. absolutely fantastic!!! live mariachi band (two nights in a row! super excited about that!), awesome chips and salsa, fantastic food, wedding ceremony on the patio...and evidently, this is what richard nixon and i have in common. yup. this happened to be a favorite restaurant of president and mrs. nixon, as stated on their menu. they often dined at el adobe or had el adobe cater meals at the western white house. so yeah, good friends, good food and a mini history lesson all in one night. i love fabulous fridays!

off to get bagels for fourth of july breakfast. as pace nay sayed my awesome idea to make festive red, white and blue parfaits for breakfast.

happy fourth of july!

katie out.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

life happens...

it's totally the truth. that is why again, i am awarding myself the world's biggest slacker award. i have had numerous reminders that i need to update, and i do. but, guys, my life is boring right now. seriously, the seagull story from seaworld is still the best story coming out of socal right now. it is the talk of my apartment, the story i still am telling at work...and i think i have a few of my vs girls telling it too! yes! finally, i have a living legacy story. not sure i wanted it to involve a seagull, but ya take what ya can get!

i totally totally promise that come this weekend i will have atleast one super blogtastic story to tell. one of my old college roomies is coming to san diego this weekend and she and her fiance are making the long trek up the coast (all 1 hour of it) to see us. totally, totally stoked. haven't seen her since january of 2006. sure to be good times. good food, a little wine, it will be fabulous. and i will TRY to take pics, but i am photographically challenged.

and lets not forget...

a katie's must have ...a holiday is quickly approaching. hope that ya'll have your red white and blue outfits picked out for saturday! cause...that's's the fourth of july! yeah! parades, salt water taffy, hot firemen on the truck in the parade, fireworks at the park...oh wait. this kinda sucks. all this fun happens back in murray. instant sadness. hmm...ok, so pace and i will be having a fourth of july celebration down here. yes, i know that fireworks are "illegal" because they have a high tendency of causing fires, but really...for one night...i a rule breaker. i know, i know. but, it is for a semi-decent and hopefully not too "illegal". i think i can buy them in santa the back of a truck for a fairly decent price. and guys, the grass outside my apartment is fake anyway. really, it is. so i don't really see a problem. the first fourth of july with truly, hot fireworks. it's the same as paying your neighbor to drive to evanston and having murray pd show up three times...right?

we have been invited to a fourth of july party by my buddy edith. my partner in crime at work. and it pretty much should be a blast. the party coincides with her dad's 60th birthday party. here are a few details...and i think you will get the hint. all you can eat mexican food, shots of tequila, and a mariachi band. yeah, awesomeness. pace...stoked. totally stoked. but, we still have to find a parade to attend. and we better find one. otherwise i am going to be decorating a bike, that i will have to buy, with streamers and making my own parade. which could be pretty fabulous, but i am hoping i can find another option.

ok, time for the gym. yuck. i will post this weekend. promise.

katie out.

oh, oh, oh, and i am coming home august 1st to august 10th, and my days and nights are filling up quickly. so get in touch for you fellow bloggers who want to party with katie in utah. :) mrs. jubber, mrs. herrera, mrs. kaeding, mrs. williams...yeah, i am talking to you guys. lets set up play dates asap!!!!!

much love.

Friday, June 12, 2009

seaworld: june 9, 2009

happy belated 26th birthday post for my favorite pace! tuesday we celebrated pace's big 2 6 at seaworld! yeah yeah yeah! we had soo much fun. nothing better than hanging out with my favorite boy and not working...and being at seaworld. though it was smaller than i remember, it was still awesome. loved seing the otters, loved seeing the sharks, and shamu, and the penguins and the manatee's and the cirque de la mer. all in all a fabulous day filled with sealife, pace, funnel cakes and seagulls! seagulls? what the? yeah. read on to find out why these annoying awful state birds of my home state are my least favorite bird.
so pace and i decide that we want to get lunch after the cirque de la mer. we settle on the shipwreck cafe. stand in line for about 15 minutes. pace decides on the roastbeef sandwich and a birthday beer. i pick the hamburger and fruit punch. we decide to split a side salad and watermelon. after waiting, patiently, in line and paying an arm and a leg (thanks russ and karen!) for our lunch, we find our picture perfect table. sit down, start to eat my watermelon and my side salad. pull the bun off of my burger so i can add my "fancy ketchup" and out of nowhere this huge huge huge ugly seagull starts toward our table. as i look up i see this massive birds wings flapping in the air about 15 inches from my face. pace swings, but to no avail this damn bird squaks (sooo loud) and snatches my burger! and then kicks over my fruit punch...all over my bun and my tray and my lap! i freaked, cursed the bird and seriously sat in my chair wanting to cry. it was awful. frightening. saw my life flash before my eyes. what type of bird gets that close to a human...with utinsils...and a knife!? and a 6'1 boyfriend who certainly doesn't want to spend his birthday with a sad, unhappy, non-fruitpunch drinking girlfriend!? a very very stupid bird. who i cursed all day long and his fellow seagulls will pay for his bad behavior. i hearby declare the seagull on my top 1 list of most hated birds around. oh, and did i ever mention that i am allergic to seagulls. a fact for another story. get a good laugh out of my misfortune cause it is probably the best story that i have had in a while.

stay away seagulls. any air within 20 feet of me is a no seagull zone. enter at your own risk. i cannot be responsible for my actions. wish i had a photo of this bird. i would use it as a dart board, or target practice with pace's potato gun. dramatic? me, no. never. i hate seagulls!

but i love seaworld still and i love pace and i loved spending his birthday with him. and i love that we can add this story to the numerous list of awesome katie pace adventures from 2001 to the present.

time to watch what not to wear. it's fabulous fashion friday...and pace is river guiding, so i am home alone until next friday! girl time and middle bed.