Sunday, July 27, 2008

moving is...

OVERRATED! i have spent the past 48 hours, packing, un-packing, re-packing, moving, and removing millions of boxes from my apartment to a) my storage unit, small quaint, fabulous (and color coordinated!) or b) my mom's house, large, homey, fabulous and also color coordinated. moving is exhausting and boring and exhausting. i am not a fan. and if you are wondering...yes, we did look as happy and fantastic as the peeps in the photo...say cheese!

oh, and just about two minutes ago to round out my fabulous weekend. i broke my tooth. no bueno! stupid wheatthins. no wonder i like to eat cookies...never broke a tooth eating a cookie. and no, the cookie eating didn't CAUSE the tooth to break. totally unrelated incidents. totally.

no more blogging. no more happy thoughts. i am going to sulk. or call pace, maybe both. if anyone needs me i will be in my room...wait, i don't have a room anymore. this day sucks. sorry, mom, i know you hate that word, but it describes my weekend thus far. ya'll are invited to my pitty party...starting now! no rsvp's required!

here's to a better week!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

friday's fabulous fall fashion finds

that is an awesome alliteration! i rule. ok, so i am a couple of days behind on posting. for all my dedicated fans...i am sorry. as ya'll know friday was a big day in my life.
day one of the nordstrom anniversary sale. cambria and i shopped in style. we got a bright and early start, left our fabulous apt at 6:10am. perfect timing. we pulled into the university mall, yes, in provo. i am sorry, but their nordstrom is just better than fashion place. anyway, we pulled into university mall with enough time to sample the new vivianno beverages at starbucks. both katie's and cambria's give the chocolate banana vivianno two thumbs up...what a delicious breakfast beverage! really a beverage to replace any meal, but it does make for a scrumptious morning. cambria's have theirs with a shot of espresso, katie's pass.

i would describe my shopping experience this year as minimalist. the only thing in my life i can call minimalist! i only bought 3 pairs of shoes...which was so very very hard. ah, how i love shoes. actually, i think i love trying on shoes as much as i love shoes in general. a very successful sale is just what i needed to round out my stressful emotional week. i left feeling totally satisfied and stayed very close to my budget...which is really a "suggested" amount. i was not expecting to find my pithy run dmc t-shirt, or my glorious steve madden riding boots. what's a girl to do? i couldn't not pass. i tried, but, they just cried when i put them back in the box. it was all i could do not to wear them home. yes, i know it is july and it is hot. but for a boot lover like me...every day is a boot day! especially when they are riding boots! my very favorite type of boot. next to my cowboy boots, my ankle boots, my uggs and my slouchy black ones! yeah, yeah, i know. "hi, i am katie and i am addicted to boots."

for all ya'll who have not yet ventured to the sale...get on it! as i said in the title, fabulous fall fashion finds! sale ends on august 3rd!

i want to give a shout out to my bff-shopping buddy-roomie...

c-note i will miss our shopping dates. next year lets break in the nordstrom sale in the fabulous oc...what could be better than katie, camb, cali, nordstrom and h & m? love ya! k-fab

dark night...good night

rarely do i mention movies on my blog. but, after seeing 'the dark knight' last night, i had to. although, the movie is rather dark and not for kids, i would highly recommend it. i have a horrible habit of falling asleep in movies, basically once the lights are out so am i. last night we went to a 10:30pm showing and i stayed awake for the entire movie. now that speaks highly for a movie! i haven't seen a movie i liked this much since 'no country for old men' or 'there will be blood'...i must really like dark movies! just wait, in a few weeks i will have my daddy daughter date to see 'mama mia!' and from then on, all my posts will be dedicated to abba! back on track katie. talking about 'the dark knight' not abba.

i will say this...

i have a horrible horrible phobia of clowns (and mimes). yuck, creeps me out. to the point that i start to have a panic attack and cry uncontrollably. no kidding. the opening scene was really hard to watch. lots of clown masks. which are actually worse than just face paint for me. a few other scenes toed the line of katie wanting to cry, but i held it together.

wondering how i could stand to watch the movie with my horrible fear of clowns and mimes, and well, white face paint?
the jokers make-up is always smeared and partially wiped off of his fore head. strangely, i felt better knowing that i could see his real face through the paint. just a little warning in case anyone else wanting to see it has my same fear. you will be ok. but, be aware that there are clowns...thankfully no circus music, or i would have run from the theater crying like a 3 year old.

katie highly recommends 'the dark knight'!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

ladies...mark your calendars

oh that's right official countdown has begun. we are quickly approaching my second favorite season of the year! no, it is not summer...we are already half way through. too soon to be excited about fall. hmm...wondering which season i am speaking of?

this friday is the...


true, i am saving money for my upcoming move, (thanks for the reminder little white conscience on my right shoulder!) but NOTHING and i mean NOTHING stops me from being a valued guest at this sale (that's right, you tell them little red conscience on my left shoulder! you spend my money so well!!!). unfortunately this year, i will not be attending the pre-shopping event today. but, friday will come soon enough. and if my beloved items are still available in my color and size, it was truly meant to be.

ah, nordstrom.
how i love you.

Friday, July 4, 2008

happy fourth of july!

just wanted to wish everyone a very
happy fourth of july!

this is one of my favorite holidays of the year! a holiday dedicated to parades, bbq's, fireworks...and color cordinating!

hope you are all wearing your red white and blue...

happy independence day!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

every day is a seriously it is

ya'll know how much i L O V E holidays! and now, i have found the most glorious website. yes, this website is truly glorious. hmm, i don't use the word "glorious" very often, it rhymes with fabulous so it must be good. moving on.

evidently, i am not the only one who enjoys a good celebration. i know, shocking isn't it. for those who are not in tune with the holidays of the world, here is a brief rundown of what you have missed this week.

monday june 30th
*armed forces day in guatemala
*independence day in the congo
*revolution day in they really need a specific day to celebrate a revolution? yeah, i know it isn't pc, but don't they have a revolution practically every single day. seems like cheating to me.
ooh, ooh, lets not forget...
*please take my child to your work day... love it, absolutely love it.

tuesday july 1st
*happy second half of the year day...rock on, possibly one of the best titles for a holiday yet! (besides the 6 month anniversary of my birthday, which begins on april 3rd. and for kristine, the only person i know who L O V E S her birthday as much as i do, april 3rd is her birthday. which means her 6 month celebration begins on my birthday, october 3rd. this could also be classifed as a glorious, or fabulous just depending on which phrase you prefer.)
*half-year day in and china, on the same page...SCARY! i know, not pc. i am terrible!
*canada day in canada
*independence day in i am not going to make a joke, i may not be pc, but i have a heart.
*anniversary of zip codes inaugurated...hmm...
*anniversary of the first zoo

today i will be celebrating I FORGOT DAY. all ya'll who started those wonderful new years resolutions that you "forgot" about. bring em back today, and i think you still have a shot!
it is also thurgood marshall's birthday
palio in italy. only happens twice a summer, july and august. it is a famous midevil race.

evidently we are also celebrating katie avoiding working at all today day...cause that is what is going on here.
wow, i think i might be approaching that length where my valued readers are growing less interested in my salute to all fabulous/glorious i will give a brief summary of the rest of our week.

thursday july 3rd
*air conditioning appreciation day
*compliment your mirror day.... i will as soon as my mirror starts complimenting far i am the only one doing the complimenting!

*independance day in belarus

friday july 4th
not even going to say it. ya'll just better be decked out in red white and blue or seriously...never read my blog again!
saturday july 5th
*anniversary of the bikini...i will sport one just to be true to the comments please.
*tour de france
*independence day in venezuela

sunday july 6th
*birthday of president bush, dang! i didn't send a birthday card! do you think they make one that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY **********************! hmm, don't think so.
have to end a a good one...
*day of statehood in lithuania.

ok, got you through the week. everyone has a reason to party, even on july 6th.