Wednesday, March 26, 2008

welcome back

as this is my blog, and i get to talk about things i like...i am dedicating this post to the return of my favorite show. ahh, the hills. finally, i can follow up with my favorite characters!

lauren, i am sorry that brody turned out to be a jerk. whitney, i agree, you are so beyond teen vogue. audrina, what can i say, i don't think you should have called lauren in paris to tell her about brody. a real friend would have allowed her to enjoy her time abroad. heidi, unlike your fellow fans i am not going to refer to you as a "feminist hero". sorry, but, you and spencer deserve each other. i hope you make beautiful music videos together. gag me! she is more ridiculous than this blog posting!

really, it is sad how much i love this show. i want to live in the hills! i would be a great addition. i like fashion, eating out, and being cady! they do a katie on this me. lauren is the cute one, whitney is the naive one, audrina is well the audrina one, heidi is the stupid one and i could be the logical one. together we would make the perfect female! MTV, i am awaiting your call.

Friday, March 21, 2008

you think you're cool...

i just worked 21 out of the last 24 hours! for some reason i am quite proud of that fact, i am sure it is something to do with the competetive streak in me that wants to beat my own personal best work shift! until yesterday i had been hanging out at 18 out of 24 hours! pretty much, i am a bad ass. that's all i have.

as usual, i will be in my bed if anyone needs me.

katie out.

Monday, March 17, 2008

katie's going green!

kinda. in honor of the only real green holiday, and one of my favorite slogans "GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK"...

if money was no option (see previous post on $aving) i would replace my favorite black items with these new fabulous green options!

this for fun, not politically motivated!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

easter fun...a little early

in honor of a highly intellectual conversation at dinner today regarding EASTER CANDY, i had to post this picture!

my beloved CADBURY EGGS would never be caught in a seedy establishment such as this! thus, they will always be favored over peeps!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

hi, i'm katie and i'm a $hop-a-holic

ok, $o i have CON$CIOUSLY made an effort to $ave my money for the la$t few month$. i have done really really well...only purcha$ed two pair$ of shoe$, two pair$ of jean$ and $ome tank top$. well, officially i have ruined all of my hard work of $aving my money.

it i$n't that i had a $ucce$sful $hopping weekend, or even a $ucce$ful $hopping day. i had a $ucce$$ful $hopping hour($). it all $tarted early this morning in $unny (and cold) park city.

the $weet and innocent angel me said "do not enter banana republic. when have you ever entered and walked out without $pending money?"

the cute and $a$$y devil me said "whatever! it is noon on $unday and you are out of bed already...why let a $unny $hopping day go to wa$te?!" needle$$s to $ay the devil me won. it $tarted at noon in park city and ended at 2 in expre$$ at fashion place. i made excellent time driving down parley$'...wait...that i$ not the point!

the point i$ if you come acro$ a FABULOU$ pair of shoe$...a GORGEOU$ dress...CHEAP GAUDY JEWELRY...even a BARGAIN tank top at WAL*MART...DON'T TELL ME!

i cannot be tru$ted. my name is katie and i am a $hop-a-holic. anyone want to $pon$or me? make of that what you will...i will gladly accept money (or credit card$, i take all kind$) in lieu of moral $upport!