Tuesday, September 30, 2008

happiness comes in three colors...and one shape

i think on of my most favorite things about fall is...candy corn. i love candy corn.

i just opened my first birthday package and it contained multiple flavors of candy corn. this is turning out to be a great day!

who knew that they made "caramel apple candy corn" and " carmel corn candy corn"? really, i am so excited! i have sampled the caramel apple candy corn, and it is delicious. i highly recommend it! (thank you karen for opening my eyes to these fabulous new flavors!)

ah, hapiness comes in three delightful colors...white, yellow and orange, and that fabulous little triangle shape!

i heart candy corn!

oh, and here is a shout out to those delicious little mellowcreme pumpkins... you too are a fall favorite. it is just too bad you aren't shaped like a triangle!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

"like" this post is "like" going to be my longest "like" ever

i'm back! i am sure most of you just jumped up and down...yeah! miss me much? crazy crazy past few weeks, but i think i can finally get back into my blogging groove!

i am loving loving loving my life down here in the o.c. my apartment is adorable and in a fabulous area of "socal". local terminology for southern california. see, i am even sounding like a californian. the one thing i am not sure if i am going to master is the unspoken rule that as a female i am required to use the word "like" in "like"every sentence. i thought this was some sort of throw back to "clueless". "like" making fun of girls from west valley for still ratting their hair and destroying our environment with their obsessive use of aquanet. but...it isnt'. "like" is everywhere...in every sentence...even if it has no place, which is like 99.9% of the time.

"like" it is seriously "like" they are having a competition to "like" see if they can "like" out "like" the other person. absolute torture to the human ear!

and i work with the "like" queens.

speaking of work...my job is going wonderfully! i only work eight hour days...i am sure that pace wishes sometimes i worked more than eight hours. as i don't have many girl friends down here yet, all my "hey whatcha doin?", "you are NOT going to believe what i just saw...", "hmmm...i am bored, what should we do?", "does this outfit look ok?"...things i would have run by my bff cambria, are now being transferred to him. bless his heart, he is trying so hard not to scream. he just smiles at me and lets me go on talking. what a guy, what a guy.

i have discovered the fabulous shopping down here...most of which i cannot afford, but i am becoming one hell of a window shopper!

the mall in which i work, has a saks fifth avenue...fun fun fun! and i work above crate and barrel and next to pottery barn...love love love. plus...ahhh...just down the hall is my safe place. my own little slice of heaven. nordstrom.

i just smile every day when i walk into work. just to see the glowing white tile leading me right to the comforts of the shoe department. i spend my "15's" (fifteen minute breaks, they have breaks in retail...we don't have those in hotels!) oohing and aahing. nothing makes me feel better after being yelled at because i will not return a bra that has obviously been worn (gross! sick and wrong!) then being able to slip my foot into a fabulous michael kors wedge, knowing i can't afford to buy them actually makes me love wearing them for 5 minutes even more.

ahh, can't wait for work tomorrow!

today, pace and i have had an uber california day. we woke up at 9am, drove to orange, ate breakfast at this fabulous 50's style soda counter, window shopped the antique malls that line the streets of old town orange and then went birthday shopping at nordstrom. now i am sitting in my jammies watching football. ahh..i love this day.

k fab out for now...be back later with more stories of "like" and michael kors shoes!

i love my life.

the countdown spectacular begins...two days late

5 days until friday! yeah! the 3rd of october is my favorite holiday of the year...the day of my birth. 26 years ago...uhg. there is something really unappealing about being OVER 25. can i still call myself twenty-something? i think yes. sounds much better than the other option...late twenties!

let the countdown spectacular begin....

88 seaspray north... la casa de pace y katie

Monday, September 1, 2008

my first love...football season!

the season is upon us. i am currently busy every thursday, saturday, sunday and monday. i am sad that i have to see my beloved brett in a green and white jersey. it is truly heartbreaking.

just finished the draft for my fantasy team...perfect name for my team...fantasy...as i have the lovely tom brady for my qb! how i love watching tom brady...play football that is.
(wink wink). gorgeous.
saturday kicked off my second love, thanks to my real first love (pace). i look forward to sitting around on saturday's in my jammies watching college football.

go utes!

anyone who thinks they might want to cheer for the cougars...you are no longer allowed to read my blog. you may resume reading in december.
and more importantly...
anyone who thinks they might want to cheer for the 49'ers...you are no longer allowed to read my blog. you may resume reading...never.
are you ready for some football!?!