Sunday, December 21, 2008

on the 8th day of christmas...

katie started packing. she worked all day, went to bill and kathy's for a yummy pre-christmas dinner and then came home and packed. and packed and packed. she packed all her christmas gifts. they occupied one suit case. then she started packing her clothes. for a moment she thought she was playing noah. two black boots, two brown boots, two black shirts, two white shirts. then it came to her...

"i'm not noah! i'm packing the katie twelve days of christmas!"

1-gigantic suit case
2-pairs of leggings
3-different hats
4-jeans of denim

5-pairs of boots (i know, it is sick.)

7-black sweaters
8-colorful scarfs
9-long sleeved shirts
10-shirts not coming
11-pieces of jewlery
12-total outfits

rad. that is all i have to say. my suit case is heavy...very heavy, but filled with all the things that katie's need for winter getaways to utah. i am so excited to come home. only two days left...

i'm dreaming of a white christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

done and done

congratulations pace! he just finished his first semester of grad school...last night. the final revisions of an already wonderful story. i am so proud of him! we have had a busy semester, filled with moving, weddings, birthdays, holidays and visits from the parents.

we are officially a quarter of the way through!

and in a week we are off to a fabulous christmas break in utah for some much needed rest and relaxation...

so proud of you babe! looking forward to the awesome stories that will come out of the next three semesters!

here's to my my favorite up and coming author!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

why i love islands

so yesterday pace and i had our first adventure at fashion island. ok, now lets think about this. pace actually took katie to a place called fashion island, on a saturday night, two weeks before might be thinking "gee pace, maybe not the best idea."

we were on our way to see "frost/nixon" (plug for this movie will come at another time, but while on the subject...yeah, ya'll need to go see it!). we had exactly 40 minutes to:

find a parking space
find our way onto the "island" (or into the mall for those less fancy)
find an eating establishment that was a) quick and b) that we both could/would eat at
find our way off the "island"
and walk 10 minutes to the theater, cause there ain't no way we were finding another parking spot at 7:30pm on a saturday.
it actually was perfect timing on his part. i had to bypass, bloomingdales, california couture, bcbg max azaria, the most fabulous forever 21 i have ever seen, kate spade and for kicks, neiman marcus.

did i mention that they had the biggest christmas tree that i have ever seen all lit up with little charles dickens like characters dancing and singing songs of the season right in the middle? ok, maybe the dickens like characters and singing were in my head because i wished it was happening, but you get the point. ya'll thought that i was stoked to be at disneyland on thanksgiving...this was my own personal idea of heaven. i could live right in the middle of fashion island. from november to january i hereby declare that fashion island be known ...

christmas fashion island!

so, i will close this post with one last thought.

i have been to the island of oahu, long island, island(s) the restaurant and now fashion island...and i have yet to meet an island i don't like.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"pour some sugar on me..."

i know, i am a little late. it has been a busy busy week for katie.

i cannot belive that my utes are going to another bcs bowl game! yeah. and more than that i cannot believe that we got alabama...
what can i say...

a utah WOman am i... GO UTES.

sugar bowl
u of u vs. bama
january 2, 2009

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"i'm the happiest christmas tree..."

if my tree could sing...this would be the song it would be singing! i heart christmas time! essentially because of christmas trees! i put ALL my decorations up on sunday night and monday i went straight from work (at 8:30pm) to get my christmas tree. my thought being that if i could get my tree home and up by the time pace got home from school i could probably talk him into decorating it on tuesday morning...yes, morning. i waste no time. plan successful!

i put up my 7 foot tree up on monday night. yes, 7 feet. i told pace that i would gladly give up a couch, ottoman and any lamps if necessary to put up a big tree. i really wanted to buy the huge 9 ft one at costco...but, i would have had no room for a tree topper! yesterday before we went to work/school we decorated. pace had the wonderful idea of putting our tv on the christmas music station, so it was truly a holiday filled morning. it could very easily become a tradition...the lighting is much better during the day and i feel that my tree turned out fabulous!

theme: old fashion christmas katie style. my colors are red, white, green and silver. and yes, those are poinsettias in my tree and i heart them. i will post pictures of the rest of the apartment at a later time...ya'll can't handle all the christmas joy radiating from my apt at one time. :)

oh how i love this holiday season!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

happy birthday

january 06

this post is dedicated to my favorite four year adorable "niece" little ms. maddie.
ms. maddie...
happy birthday baby girl! so sad i couldn't be there with you today. hope you had fun with grandma at mcdonalds and at jungle jim's! see you in a few weeks.
love, katie