Sunday, August 31, 2008


whew. finally, i am posting. finally, it is the end of august. finally, i have two days of work left and finally, i am almost done packing.

you can see why "finally" was such a perfect title for my blog. next week it will be "finally, i am in california!"

so as you can see by my numerous finally's that it has been a stressful week, month. and my proof, i have had two coldsores...stress the past two weeks. i need to calm down...easier said than done.

pace is officially down in california. below you will find pictures of our apartment. i like to call these the "before" pictures. meaning, before katie arrived. cause ya'll know that i love decorating and this apt will be no different. well, i guess kinda. i am going to be incorporating "boy things" into my decor. things like...huge speakers, bigger tv's and pictures of squirrels...yes, i know it is currently on our mantle. soon to the bathroom? i don't even know.

pace and has dad drove down to sunny california a week and a half ago and unpacked the entire the middle of the afternoon heat. thanks boys! also, you must realize that we have a lot of stuff. most of which is currently hidden in closets and most of which is mine. pace has taken it upon himself to begin to decorate the apartment. which i am not sure he was totally game for. and certainly not something he enjoys. he has done a wonderful job and been a really good sport. i am excited to get down there and add a little katie to the place. it just needs a bit of a "woman's touch."

with all that said...

thank you so much for all of your hard work making that plain white apartment look like a home.
love ya!

so needless to say, i will be quite emotional this next week. most likely, no blogs. although it might be a nice out, you can't cry in blogs! anyway, our crazy and wild california adventure is about to begin...


before, meaning pre-katie

master bedroom 1 (aka..mb1)

part of kitchen/dining area

living room (notice squirrel picture on mantle...nice touch babe!)

living room (squirrel picture is now behind you...)

mb2/pace's office/guest room (above and below)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

good bye hotels, hello...lingere?

yeah...i have a new job! starting september 15th i will be one of the co-manager/directors at the victoria's secret in mission viejo. i am so excited and so glad to have a job waiting for me down in california!

thanks to everyone for the votes of confidence and well wishes. and to minda, russ, cambria and kenny who evidently gave me fabulous references.

here's to me and my new job! cheers!

food, family, fun

just a little shout out to my mama, who sometimes reads my blog...

thanks for making a wonderful dinner last night. we had our own little versioun of a family home evening last night. complete with good food, good fun, good family (of course!) and good wine! my mom made the most delicious chicken and kous kous...ah, to die for. plus...homemade vanilla ice cream and brownies with white chocolate shavings...yeah. hold please, i am going to get one of those right now!

anyway, we had a big mom, dennis, my dad, rick, me, pace, russ, karen, and my cute sis niki came for dessert. it was tons of fun and a great little send off party for pace and i.

so, thanks mom! we will do it bout tonight?

love ya!

they're back...

yes, i know the pictures above are snapshots from season 3...too soon for season 4 pics!

yeah for "the hills"

welcome back ladies, oh how i have missed you and all your girly drama! i have had to create my own, and it just isn't the same!

last night was the season 4 premier...ooh, it was good. cannot wait for this season...hope they get rid of "lo". bad bad character. and if they think making heidi's sister, holly, a new cast member is a good thing, well let's just say that isn't what i would call a "good business decision." i, however, would be a great addition. (see previous posting about "the hills" for my reasoning.)

ah, in three weeks i will be able to watch "the hills" from "the o.c."...scary! our big move is quickly approaching. pace is leaving tomorrow and i will bid farewell to utah on september 7th.


if anyone wants to see me before i head outta here...leave a comment and we can plan a date. just make sure i am home by 11am on monday night to watch my show. oh, and can't do it september 1st until late...fantasy football live draft. also a must!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

bye bye bretty

i am in mourning.

i am not sure if there is anything more sad than a 25 year old girl crying because her favorite quarterback was traded to her least favorite team. but, it is true. brett favre was traded to the jets and i am not sure if i will ever feel the same about my beloved packers. how could they do this to me? it is awful. painful. i see nothing but black...and now dark green and white. sad. i will never chant "go pack go" with same enthusiasm ever again. this is truly turing out to be the worst week.

last time i felt this horrible was on november 7th, 2000. i cried myself to sleep because gw bush had been "elected" president. i woke up the next moring and heard angels singing "not over yet"...true my nightmere continued 4 weeks later, but still. there is hope. i will cry myself to sleep tonight hoping and praying that the pack will regain some sense.

i dedicate this song to my beloved #4...

bye bye {bretty}
im gonna miss you so
bye bye {bretty}
why'd you have to go?

no more sunshine
it's followed you away
i'll cry {bretty}
till you're home to stay

i'll miss the way you smile

as though it's just for me
and each and every night
i'll write you faithfully
bye bye {bretty}

bye bye {bretty}
it's awful hard to beg
bye bye {bretty}

guess i'll always care

imagine ann margaret singing it, it is much better that way. if you don't know what song this orginally was...seriously...never read my blog again!

brett, we love you. we will always love you. you may be gone...but never forgotten.

the end of an era.


Monday, August 4, 2008

one of these things is not like the other...

*picture is coming. won't upload because of internal errors. it will be worth the wait!*

my fabulous weekend consisted of the following:

glam wedding
no fun sun burn

that's right. my weekend was filled with joy and pain! no, i wasn't sad because my bff is now my married bff. the wedding was fabulous. the bride...gorgeous and the ring bearer...adorable! i looked pretty good myself, but that is another story. the wedding was the super positive high point in my weekend. hey...all you vicchrilli's out there...calm down, the spaghetti open was equally as fabulous i just looked cuter at the wedding than i did at the reunion. and i got to dance!


the cost of spending a fun filled afternoon at the swimming pool with the cutest 3.5 year old is high. i am tomato red and i hate tomato's! but only on the places where i put the sun screen on...go freakin figure. if you are a katie, sun screen = sun burn.


today i was able to get into my dentist to fix my broken tooth. pretty much it hurt less before i went. why is it that i pay someone $400 to hurt me. seriously. ridiculous. my prognosis is to chew on the other side, stay away from hard candy and gum. gee, thanks. that is exactly what i have been doing. like i said...why to i pay someone $400 to hurt me?

sounds like i am off to another whiney week. and well i guess i am. hmm. maybe tomorrow i will have better news...maybe.

k-fab out.