Saturday, April 25, 2009

HUGE trouble!

seriously, huge trouble! this is glorious. it is fabulous, glamorous, gorgeous...and anyother beautiful word ending in "ous"! seriously, i am in love.

how to i simply toss this fabulous tree aside?

i am in trouble!

oh, yeah. big trouble! when pace gets home tomorrow...this tree will be gone! but, it never hurt a girl to try right? it really is a fabulous tree. all decked out in its finest spring wear. ahhh, well, atleast we have tonight.

cause by this time tomorrow it will be history!

thanks for all the love care and concern. i made pace out to be the bad guy, but really, he is wonderful. he puts up with soooo many scams of mine. this is probably the first time since we moved in together that he has told me no. even in mid january when my christmas decorations were still up...cute kid. all he said was, "so how long do you think we will have christmas decorations up? isn't the holiday season over?" when i said that it was, but my decorations were still red and actually more winter decorations, so they could stay up until valentines poor guy about died. "valentines decorations? really? then what?" silly boy, "st. patricks day, easter, spring, early summer, fourth of july, late summer, early fall, halloween, late fall, thanksgiving and then back to christmas!"

he had no idea what he was getting into eight years idea.

i love you pace!

Friday, April 24, 2009

christmas in...april?

i have the absolute saddest story ever. well, sad for katie's anyway. one of the ladies i work with, tina, gave me the most awesome present ever. tina is my surrogate mom in california. she is me just older. loves to decorate, loves to chat, loves to bake, speaks her mind, loves pottery barn and has the two most adorable boys...ever. before i tell you what my fabulous gift was, let me set up how my gift came to be.

tina and i have bonded in the past few weeks. her youngest son, nick, turned 5 on april 7th. being a strong candidate for "2009 mother of the year" she was throwing the most fabulous (boy fabulous) pirate themed five party...ever. she hired captain jack sparrow (who is truly johnny depp's twin!) to come to the party and lead the kiddos on a treasure hunt. since the middle of march tina and i have been conversing about the pirate party. what food to we eat at a pirate party? how do you construct a pirate ship in your back yard...with things we are throwing out of the victoria's secret stock room, etc. well, i had the fabulous idea that we should use the pirate bandana's and rope to tie up the "treasures". so, it was done. last wednesday after work i went to tina's so we could bundle the treasures. we put gold coins, and stickers, and pirate candy, and eyepatches and earrings in the bundles and tied them up tight. then we put them all...all 20 of them...into a real treasure chest. because tina is tina and has a craft store/hardware store in her house, she pulls out this huge piece of burlap...*light bulb goes on in katie's head*... "TINA!!!! we need to wrap the treasure chest in the burlap sack and tie it up with rope too! that way when jack is contducting the treasure hunt and the find the treasure they will have to rip open the burlap to find the treasure chest!!! (and i am talking a million miles an hour in a very high pitched voice/scream!)" so we do. and it looks awesome. we took the treasure out to the garage so that jeff (tina's husband) could bury it in the back yard. oh yes, it was buried in the back yard, and jack sparrow had this awesome compass that he could manipulate so the kiddos searched all around the back yard to find the awesome buried treasure. millions of tiny screams errupted from them when they actually dug up a treasure chest! awesome, totally awesome. and yes, she did have the front of a pirate ship in her back yard. with a sail, and a huge flag with the jolly roger on it. amazing.

ok, so as we were in the garage i noticed this box, not just any box, a box that looks like it contains a christmas tree...i am very good at spotting these type of boxes! i notice that the box says "flocked pre-lit tree"...what!!!!!! tina proceeds to tell me that she pulled this awesome tree out so that i could have it. what???!!!! it gets better. the tree was used on the floor at victoria's secret a few years ago. see where i am going??? it is a 7.5 foot white flocked tree with hot pink lights! i almost died! how fabulous would my hot pink tree be with all my red and silver and green ornaments? a thing of beauty. i am stoked.

then arrives captain buzz kill. i excitedly tell pace about my new tree and i am told that i have to pick. i can only have one. my 7.5 pre-lit tree (natural in color) or my new inheritence tree. sad. i think ya'll know what one had to go. it is still in the back of my car because i cannot bear to part with it. it is beautiful, it is amazing and it has to go away. i wish my mom lived closer so i could stash it in her basement...with all my other findings throughout the years. i am sad.

and because pace is gone this weekend, i have contemplated putting the tree up so that i can admire it for a while. and i am still considering it! christmas in april at katie's house! if i do put it up i will post pictures...but, if i put it up, it may never come down!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's earthday...

so, happy earthday everyone! wish i could say that i am celebrating today by doing something wonderfully outdoorsy, but i will be working! pace on the other hand is heading up to the river today for a quick weekend boating/training trip. so, i guess he will be making up for my lack of outdoorsmanship! just remember, "reduce, reuse and recycle"!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


or something like that. today was a lazy day. by lazy, i mean l a z y. pace and i had these wonderful plans to get up early and go celebrate our anniversary breakfast style. nice. super excited. we were going to go to orange and have cuban style breakfast at felix's cuban cafe. going is the operative word here. those plans went out the window when i rolled over this morning feeling super rested and glanced at the clock.

picture the awakening scene from any disney as the princess waking up gracefully and talking to the furry animals outside my bedroom window...or something like it...)

me: ahh, good morning world. (glancing over at the clock) 10:46? what the?

babe, we slept waaayyy in! it's like 10:45! ahhh...sorry...

pace: eh, i'm not sorry we did. now we'll go to brunch.

both of us...roll over back to sleep for a few. now it's 11am. damn, too late for breakfast or brunch now. we lay in bed, eat breakfast in bed, watch t.v. in bed and yeah just hang out in bed until about 11:45. pace gets up to go work. katie falls back to sleep. wakes up at about 12:45pm. awesome. totally awesome.

we decide to have an anniversary lunch instead. get up and get dressed. i put on my super cute new hat (a $4 find at longs drug store) and i'm ready to go. pace refuses to wear his hat because they are the exact same hat...but different colors...he still says no. so we get in the car and drive to dana point. evidently because it is a beautiful day (and it was...over 90 degrees!) everyone and their dogs, and 2.5 kids are in the same square mile radius as my fav restaurant el torito. boo. find another beach, like laguna beach 6 miles up the road and away from el torito, home of the most supreme sour cream enchiladas and corn cakes known to man! boo again.

so we drive to san juan capistrano. fun fun fun! we end up at the same old restaurant, the one we have taken our visitors to, the one with the to-die-for-tamales, yeah, to-die-for. el maguey. we sit on the patio, enjoy our lunch, chat about life (same ol' stuff), and enjoy the soccer game being played across the street...on turf, on a small turf, in spanish. yes, the game was played in spanish. at one point i ask pace..."they're playing soccer, right?" cause i didn't understand a word of what was being said. anyway, moving on.

come home, pace works. katie sets up her sunday afternoon too lazy to go to the pool and lay out gear on the patio. big oversized free patio chair, kitchen stool, a pillow, a towel, a bottle of water and my cell phone. ahhh, to feel the warm summer spring sun on nice. so lazy. so awesome.

i went and got pizza for dinner, watched a little bit of "two weeks notice", remembered how much i love hugh grant. so i go and look for my copy of "love, actually". can't find it. so i grab a copy of "my fair lady", yes i have two copies (what if one ends up with a scratch or something!). so i am now watching audrey, blogging and critiquing pace's paper. i am quite the multitasker.

lazy lazy funday sunday! i heart these days. makes me miss my fam, but happy to spend them with my best boy in the second best place (technically the third best place...i soooo want to secretly be a new yorker. pace will never be an east coast guy, but i could definitely be an east coast girl!).

here's wishing ya'll a great week. i am sure i will have something to blog about this week!

katie out.

ooh, ooh, and i forgot. have an interview this thursday for a hotel position. new fancy hotel being built in downtown long beach. visit and wish me luck! i could soooo work in this place!

katie out...again!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

eight is great...

happy 8th anniversary to us! seems so weird that it has been almost a decade. oh what fun memories and adventures we have had and made along the way. i look back on most of them with a smile. but, i am greatful for the sad and hard ones, too. and lets face it, in eight years, we have had some rough times. all of our adventures (the good and the bad) have made us who we are today...and i wouldn't trade that for anything. i treasure every moment that i get to spend with you and every moment that i get to call you mine. thanks for being my bestest best friend for 8 years. here's to lifetime more of memories and adventures, katie and pace style.

love you.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

some bunny loves me...

my visit from the easter bunny was a success! on friday i was on my way out to run errands and i just happened to run into pace in our parking lot. he was on his way back from his errands and carrying a beautiful bouquet of calle favorite. then this morning when i awoke, we exchanged our easter baskets...i got my very own pink and purple tool bag to accompany my pink and purple basket!!! my basket was filled and all color cute. i was soo excited! i saw this took kit and for an unknown reason have wanted it for quite some time! it is fully equipped with all things i need for my daily fixings...because i have so many of those. as the tool bag says, it has the essentials!

i heart my easter bunny! and happy easter to everybunny else!
obviously, pace and i have been together for quite some time now, independent of eachother we both got tool bags/boxes. i used pace's tool box as his easter basket and filled it up with his candy, he made sure my basket was color coordinated with the tool bag. great minds think alike!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i wish this was an april fools joke...

wow. april is not starting out as a great month for me. (sorry linds, but your bday is brining me no luck! and happy bday!) today was supposed to be the first day of an awesome new adventure for me. training for a half-marathon. which one, not sure yet. but, i am going to train for one so if i find one i will be ready!

ok, so i get up this morning. all pumped up and ready to go. pace is getting ready for work, i am getting ready to work out! i am my usual happy self, bouncing around the apartment, getting my ipod, my shoes, my get the picture. i walk over to the gym. what the? the gate is locked. it is never locked. have to walk back to my apartment to get the other key. rar. get the key, walk back to the gym. open gym door. omg! it smells like something crawled in here and died...four weeks ago! ok, don't panic. open the doors and turn on the fan (so ghetto we have no a.c!). pick my bike, set down my water and my multiple keys, and my towel. jump on the bike. broken. what? rar. ok, pick another bike, move stuff, move self. broken. really? go to eliptical, it is working. yeah! 15 minutes on eliptical...smell is awful! can't do this. leave gym after 15 minutes. katie is mad!

call dad. dad, i want a gym membership to 24hour fitness. can i add myself to yours? sure. call 24hour fitness, it will be $32 a month to add me on. eh, i don't really want to pay but, ok. drive to 24hour fitness to sign paperwork. meet with joe.

joe: who is jill jenkins?
me: huh? jill, oh jill, my sister.
joe: she is over 24.
me: and...
joe: she is a second adult, so we can't add you on.
me: joe, c'mon. why? i just called and they said it would be fine.
joe: well they didn't pull up the account so they didn't see the other adult.
me: fine. so if i want to sign up how (many pairs of shoes will have to be sacrificed) much will it be?
joe: well, you're in luck...
me: (thinking to myself...luck. dude, you have no idea how much my day has sucked so far. i would hardly say luck...)
joe: we have a special offer right now in honor of the biggest loser, we are waiving the inital sign up fee which will save you $100 dollars.
me: (curiosity peaked) go on...
joe: and instead of paying $45 a month, you will pay $34.99 a month! only two dollars more than what you would have paid if we added you to your dads!
me: sign me up!
joe: ok, but today you have to pay first and last months payment, so it will be about $70.
me: rarrrr...fine. here is my card.
joe: GREAT! welcome to 24hour fitness
me: yeah, thanks joe. you just cost me $70 to work out.

the moral of my awfully long story (for the few of you who are still reading) is that working out sucks, but paying to work out sucks more. i have been spoiled by having my dad pay for all memeberships from the time i was little and now i have to pay my own way. boo. so needless to say, for multiple reasons, i am not stoked about april...or working out right now. check back tomorrow.

going to sulk...which means watching cold case files until i go to work.