Sunday, February 22, 2009

and the oscar goes to...

as usual, i wanted to put up my blurb for my pic to the best film of the year. i am going to have to say "frost/nixon." truly an amazing film. i have to say that prior to seeing this movie i had little to no interest in president nixon, or the nixon interviews. after seeing the film, i have since spent countless hours trying to narrow down books to read and documentaries to watch.

i haven't seen "milk" or "slumdog millionaire"...if you have and have an opinion of them good or bad...leave a comment, i would LOVE to hear your thoughts. movies down in these parts are muy expensivo, so we have to choose wisely!

but, "frost/nixon" really is an awesome film, and much easier to watch than "no country for old men." oh, how i LOVE "no country for old men"!

i am also putting in my plug for mickey rourke in "the wrestler". this movie was SPECTACULAR! i am so sad that it wasn't nominated, but really, it is an amazing film. probably one of the best i have seen (in 2009)! i am actually quite torn between my winners for the leading male role...i love sean penn, i loved frank langella and i cannot put into words how incredible mickey rourke was.

i love award season...i am so excited to watch the show tonight...

and the oscar goes to...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

all things katie...

i posted this on my facebook account, oh like three weeks ago. then while perusing some blogs, i have seen that this is now a blogger thing too. so i decided to repost. it is super long, but hey, if you are reading my blog you must enjoy knowing what is going on inside my crazy head.

here are 25 more random thoughts/things you may/may not know about moi.
1. i am watching the sopranos right now. i love the sopranos, i wish that i was one. in my next life, i am coming back as a mobster (or a mobster's wife).

2. i am addicted to wikipedia. i wikipedia everything, and everyone.

3. my mom is my best friend. period. i can tell her anything and everything. i miss her the most.

4. at 26 my dad is still my hero. i think he can do anything. i think that dad's are the best thing that can happen to little girls. and i am kinda jealous that i will never get to have that daddy daughter bond with my future kids. totally weird and random, but hey what can i say? i love my dad.

5. i hate laundry with a passion. it truly makes me sick. i hate everything about it. except towels. i love the way they feel when they come out of the dryer and i love folding them.
6. i am a morning person, if there ever was one. everyone will tell you that. a year and a half ago, cambria and i were going shopping in provo at 7am for the first day of the nordstrom sale. i got called into work to run the night audit from 11pm to 7am. i was awake for 36 hours and was happy happy happy. i can function without sleep and it is freaky.

7. i have never been outside of the u.s. i have numerous places on my list i want to visit, but i haven't yet.

8. i am terrified...TERRIFIED...of clowns and mimes. not because of "it". because of the worst movie ever. "pee wee's big adventure." when the clowns steal his bike...yeah, don't want to go there. it is awful.

9. i am allergic to peacock feathers and seagull feathers. pace thinks this is the funniest thing ever. at the zoo with his niece last year he told me to stand next to the peacocks for a picture. when i reminded him that i couldn't he laughed for about 15 minutes.

10. i have only eaten a salad about 10 times in my life. i think lettuce tastes like dirt. i hate green veggies. i am getting better, thankfully. but i prefer spinach salads.

11. i collect magazines. i don't know why, but i love to keep them, to read back through them and all that funstuff. while cleaning out my room before moving, i found all my time and newsweek magazines from the 2000 election. i had every one of them. because of space constraints, i only kept 2.

12. i can recall every teachers name i ever had. i was bored one day and created a word document with every teacher and professor...and class i had taken from preschool to college.

13. my favorite book is "killer angels" for years i used to fall asleep watching "gettysburg" on christmas eve. don't know why, i just did.

14. i love shoes. most people probably know this about me, but it is true. i love looking at them, trying them on, purchasing them and storing them. at one point i owned over 350 pairs; including flip-flops. i have downsized. i donated over 100 to the charity garage sale for my hotel in july...i have probably purchased 50 since.

15. i love musicals. my new recent favorite is "wicked". if i could sing and dance, i could perform phantom, les mis and oklahoma alone. i know every word to every song. i sing at the top of my lungs when in the car by myself. i also perform concerts in my room when alone, too.

16. i love to play dress-up. i love trying on fancy dresses and playing in my closet. (ask jen and jessi hanson.)

17. i am a football fanatic. i missed two highschool football games from 9th grade to senior year.

18. i am my little brother's biggest fan. i can count on one hand the number of special events in his life i have missed. i can count on three fingers the number of sporting events i missed. and i might not be able to make it home for his college graduation and it is breaking my heart.

19. i love my sister to death. we can carry on conversations for hours with out saying a word. we have the same laugh and smile and i love that i look like her. she is the reason i was brave enough to move away from home...i don't think she knows how special she is to me.
20. my cousin's little girl maddie adores me. she named her fish after me. she carries on pretend conversations with me. i adore her. i would name my fish after her if i had one, and i wish that i could talk to her every day. she can make every bad day a good day. she also didn't talk to me for a week because i missed her third birthday. i heart miss maddie.

21. i love to decorate. my house would have a different theme every day if i could afford it. i walk through pottery barn on my lunch breaks and imagine what each room in my future mansion (it will to be a mansion to accommodate all the random things and themes i will have) will look like.

22. i love christmas trees. i would keep one up all year long if i could. i literally cried this year when i took it down. i sit in front of them in the dark just staring a the lights and it makes me happy.

23. i am highly emotional. if i am sad, it is horribly sad. if i am happy, it is the happiest of happy ever. i don't really function at a middle ground. i would honestly say that i am happy about 90 percent of every day. and i am highly energetic. i tell stories with ENTHUSIASM!

24. i saved the best for last. i have the best boyfriend and best bud in the entire world. we have known each other for almost 14 years and been together for almost 8. he makes me a better person. he makes me smile, makes me laugh, makes me cry and makes me me. i would be a different katie without my pace. i love him with all my heart and truly belive that he is the best thing that happened to me. i am the luckiest girl because i get to call him mine. i love my pace.

25. i am long winded and can write and write and write...and talk and talk and talk!

Monday, February 16, 2009

rain, rain, go away...

so, after i post my mushy love post, i get down to the nitty gritty... i am so not in love with the rain. it has been raining almost every day since february 5th. that is 11 days. 11 days of solid rain. the streets are wet, the sidewalks are wet, the bottom of my jeans...wet. everything is wet. and unlike the fabulous sunny weather i have become accustomed to, this weather is dreary and cold. by cold, i mean about 50. but, still. cold. i miss my flip flops.

rain, rain, go away!


this is just a quick little post dedicated to my pace. sweetest and most caring boy in the entire world. we had a wonderful valentines. my gift to pace, once fully assembled, was too big to hide in our apartment, so i gave it to him last monday. sweet guy came home from school on wednesday night, plopped down next to me on the couch and said, "want your valentines present?". uh, yeah! reaches into his pocket and pulls out the most fabulous vintage amethyst ring ever. it is seriously one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry i own. i have been wearing it every day since, and sleeping in it. pace knows how much i adore vintage jewelry and the amethyst...his birthstone. awwww. precious. so incredibly thoughtful.

saturday i worked...all day. so we just went to dinner at villa roma, a cozy italian restaurant. felt like i was in the soprano's and loved every minute of it. then we came home, made smores over the tiny flame of one of my valentine's decorative candles...all pace's idea...seriously, sweet.

i am the luckiest girl in the world.

happy belated valentine's babe.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

superbowl sunday = super sunday = super steelers sunday!

pace and i have decided that because we purchased quite an awesome television in january that we wanted to watch the superbowl today at home. so we are having a superbowl party! filled with fun, laughs and most

we are however sad that we are missing the mexican feasts that will be happening at my mama's house and at the david and sue vicchrilli's. we do miss our fam on special holiday's like the superbowl!

at our party we will be serving:
lil smokies, a superbowl must
wheatthins and fabulous cranberry jalepeno dip
fresh pineapple, raspberry's and black berry's (yellow and black for the steelers fans....yellow and red for everyone else.)
and for dessert... nothing, big. i am just making cookies.

oh, i forgot the best part of our party. it will just be the two of us. yeah, we're hip, we're cool. we're eachothers best football watching companion. the best part is, we are totally excited. we planned our own menu, cleaned our house and got all of our errands run yesterday. today we will be basking in superbowl glory.

i will be basking in steeler glory after they win their super 6th superbowl today!

go steelers!