Friday, June 12, 2009

seaworld: june 9, 2009

happy belated 26th birthday post for my favorite pace! tuesday we celebrated pace's big 2 6 at seaworld! yeah yeah yeah! we had soo much fun. nothing better than hanging out with my favorite boy and not working...and being at seaworld. though it was smaller than i remember, it was still awesome. loved seing the otters, loved seeing the sharks, and shamu, and the penguins and the manatee's and the cirque de la mer. all in all a fabulous day filled with sealife, pace, funnel cakes and seagulls! seagulls? what the? yeah. read on to find out why these annoying awful state birds of my home state are my least favorite bird.
so pace and i decide that we want to get lunch after the cirque de la mer. we settle on the shipwreck cafe. stand in line for about 15 minutes. pace decides on the roastbeef sandwich and a birthday beer. i pick the hamburger and fruit punch. we decide to split a side salad and watermelon. after waiting, patiently, in line and paying an arm and a leg (thanks russ and karen!) for our lunch, we find our picture perfect table. sit down, start to eat my watermelon and my side salad. pull the bun off of my burger so i can add my "fancy ketchup" and out of nowhere this huge huge huge ugly seagull starts toward our table. as i look up i see this massive birds wings flapping in the air about 15 inches from my face. pace swings, but to no avail this damn bird squaks (sooo loud) and snatches my burger! and then kicks over my fruit punch...all over my bun and my tray and my lap! i freaked, cursed the bird and seriously sat in my chair wanting to cry. it was awful. frightening. saw my life flash before my eyes. what type of bird gets that close to a human...with utinsils...and a knife!? and a 6'1 boyfriend who certainly doesn't want to spend his birthday with a sad, unhappy, non-fruitpunch drinking girlfriend!? a very very stupid bird. who i cursed all day long and his fellow seagulls will pay for his bad behavior. i hearby declare the seagull on my top 1 list of most hated birds around. oh, and did i ever mention that i am allergic to seagulls. a fact for another story. get a good laugh out of my misfortune cause it is probably the best story that i have had in a while.

stay away seagulls. any air within 20 feet of me is a no seagull zone. enter at your own risk. i cannot be responsible for my actions. wish i had a photo of this bird. i would use it as a dart board, or target practice with pace's potato gun. dramatic? me, no. never. i hate seagulls!

but i love seaworld still and i love pace and i loved spending his birthday with him. and i love that we can add this story to the numerous list of awesome katie pace adventures from 2001 to the present.

time to watch what not to wear. it's fabulous fashion friday...and pace is river guiding, so i am home alone until next friday! girl time and middle bed.