Wednesday, December 23, 2009


i love ya, tomorrow. you're only a day away! yeah...only a day away. now all i have to do is get through work. come home...pack. sleep. go to work again...come home and catch a shuttle to the airport and by 4pm tomorrow...back in utah it is!

i am so excited. for any of you who have small excitement level rivals theirs right now. i am too excited to sleep. i just think about christmas. and i have to make all this christmas mood stuff up from scratch down here...cause there is no white fluffy snow to inspire me! and c' cold and wet...and cold as snow just isn't christmas without snow!

i have like 50 christmas song lyrics i could use right now, but we'll stick to the basics...

i'll be home for christmas...
i'm dreaming of a white christmas...
baby, {i hope it's} cold outside...
in 31 hours i will be...walking in a winter wonderland!

ho ho ho! merry christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tree...take 2

so this is tree 2. this is how he got here...

sunday night while i was working, pace was snuggly sleeping in bed. about 12:30am my christmas tree decided that it wanted to tip over. so it did. right in the middle of my living room. pace jumped out of bed to find the tree on its side...ornaments scattered all over the floor. knowing that i would be home at 5am he stood the broken tree back up in the corner and left me a note explaning the mishap.

i, well, i cried. i had to take my tree down 3 days before christmas. it was sad. it was awful. this was my best tree ever, and it was ruined. i called my mom...told her. called my soon-to-be-mother-in-law and told her. i held back tears all day at work yesterday. little did i know, santa sent a super little elf named pace to target to make it all better.

i came home to a tiny tree, ever so carefully placed in the corner. all lit up (half the lights from the other tree! this one glows!) and redecorated with brand new ornaments. santa's elf (my FABULOUS FIANCE!) bought all new decorations and placed my dove right in the front and put the red skirt back underneath. i cried when i came home.

it is a beautiful tiny tree, decorated specially for me with lots and lots of love.

thanks pace, for making my last few days of christmas shiny and bright again. i didn't know that you worked for santa? :)

merry christmas to all...and to all...Font sizea good tuesday!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

so so proud...

this quick little post is dedicated to my fab fiance who has literally just finished the semester that he began way back in august. poor guy has not had a single break since august. never missed one class, and worked almost full time the entire semester. it's been a while since i've seen him, but we get by. he has been buried in his office for about a week writing...and writing...and more writing. good thing he is truly an amazing writer. i am so proud of how hard he has worked and so impressed with his focus.

babe, we are exactly half way there! well done. your hard work and dedication will pay off. you are my favorite writer.

my hope is for one of his stories...well, my hope is for all of his be published so that you all can read what an amazing talented short story/fiction writer my soon-to-be-husband is.

i am so proud of you pace!


Monday, December 7, 2009

o' christmas tree, o' christmas tree...

finally!!! we have a tree, i love it. i think it might be my best tree thus far. that is, a tree that i did without my mama...we have had some glorious trees. but, for sure this is the best tree on our own. it was a joint decorating job and we had a blast! we waited until the football game was over, and dinner was over and just turned on christmas music and decorated until our little hearts content. i did the lights, all 1500 of them...a little much on a 7 foot tree? nah! pace put the nativity together- minus baby jesus. i wasn't aware that baby jesus wasn't supposed to be in there until christmas eve. whoops! anyway, after fluffing the branches and the lights...and the poinsettias and the awesome new silver dove, then came the ornaments. i basically rotated telling pace what colors to put on and he very thoughtfully hung them. he lasted quite a while, but when it came time to actually placing the ornaments on the inner branches and putting in the berries...he "supervised". and what a great supervisor he was, as our tree is fabulous. and as i am 7 days late getting it up, it shall stay up 7 days longer!

oh how i love the holidays. i love sitting in my jammies staring at the tree...and moving ornaments around! my job is never done...and sometimes you just need one more...or two more...

happy happy holidays!