Thursday, October 29, 2009

too much time on my hands

yeah, way too much time on my hands. so today is my day off...rad! been up for oh, bout an hour or so. still in jammies, still cuddled up under the latest birthday present faux furry blankie and yeah having internal battle numero uno of the day. internal battle numero uno is usually the only internal battle of the day that changes. i have like 50 of these little guys a day. 99% of the time they stay the same: go to the gym, don't go to the gym; hair up, hair down; wear a dress, or wear pants; black short cardigan or black long cardigan...catch my drift? internal battle numero uno is usually the "decision of the day".

so this is the internal battle of the day, today. saturday is halloween. i heart halloween. love love love this holiday. maybe it is my old spartan pride coming back...true love for the orange and black. or maybe it is because i love dressing up, putting on make-up, i don't know guys. but, i love this holiday. for the past, oh lets say 24 years every single halloween i have had the same dinner. at my moms, at my grandmas, at my apartment, doesn't matter where i am it is the same meal. what meal is that? classic "halloween" meal. a truly awesome katie friendly dinner.

sloppy joes, chips, glazed donuts (maybe krispy kreme, maybe not), chocolate milk and olives.

i love this meal. simple, quick, easy, messy. donuts and chocolate milk? for dinner...c'mon! ok, so here is the internal battle. i have found some seriously seriously awesome halloween recipes. like pumpkin alfredo with cresent moon ravioli's...this is where the battle begins. do i let go of 24 years of tradition to serve my own selfish craving? will my mom and grandma dis-own me if i don't have sloppy joes for dinner on halloween? can i live with myself if i ruin my own halloween tradition? i don't know! that is why it is an internal battle!

my heart is telling me to go with the traditional and my tummy says...try something new! yikes. so needless to say this is what i am going to be internalizing for the next 48 hours. it is gonna be rough.

see what i mean? i have way too much time on my hands. oh, and no guys, this is not the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes that i was talking about. that will still be discussed at a later date. it really isn't a big deal, just something new and fun.

wish me luck. will it be heart or tummy? only time will tell.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

as david bowie once said...

" i still don't know what i was waiting for
and my time was running wild
a million dead-end streets
every time i thought i'd got it made
it seemed the taste was not so sweet
so i turned myself to face me
but i've never caught a glimpse
of how the others must see the faker
i'm much too fast to take that test

a minor/major change is in store down here in sunny california. nothing too major in the large scale scheme of things, but it has the potential to be a major one. nothing bad, it's good. i just can't talk about it until friday. so this is just a teaser post...

stay tuned.

Monday, October 26, 2009


wow, it has been a rough few days. nothing worse than loosing your favorite shades the day before you are going to hang out in the sun cheering for your favorite college football team. and that is exactly what happened to me. friday, i totally lost my favorite aviators. it was awful. i was so upset. tore my apartment apart trying to find them. as pace and i were walking out the door i was telling him my sad story and he said "i'm sure you didn't loose them. you just misplaced them...again." "no babe, they are gone. i have really lost them." good thing i have a stash of less then loved sunglasses in my car. so my previously favorite black round shades joined me in cheering on the trojans saturday. and luckily, they were not bad luck!

today, hurrah! i found them in the bag from express containing my fabulous new jeans. i screamed with joy! it was a truly awesome find.

i also found a love of yoplait whips. fantastic. they come highly recommended by katie's. i personally have been enjoying the strawberry mist, chocolate mousse and peaches & cream. yummy! i would love to blog about my love of halloween candy...or hostess monster cup cakes. but, i feel that i have exhausted them this fall season. time to get back on the healthy-er treat train. hmm. luckily i have my new friends the whips to keep me company!

halloween is saturday. we don't have any little kids in our apt complex, which means that again, i will sit next to the door with my bowl full of candy (the kind that i don't snickers or skittles, or those honey bee thingys.) and hope for trick-or-treaters. and again, i will be sad to have none. so if anyone wants to bring their kiddos trick-or-treating in anaheim, ca let me know. i will be ready for them!

been on a blogging slump. hoping to be rejuvinated, soon. today seemed like a good day to start it up again!

happy early halloween fellow bloggers...and readers!

katie out.

oh, and a shout out to kristine & jake...congrats on the birth of brand new baby cousin-in-law jonathan jacob {last name withheld for privacy}. can't wait to see the little guy. hopefully at christmas time. congrats to the new mommy & daddy!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

happy birthday gramps!

picture above circa 1983

happy 81st birthday to my grandpa vawdrey! hope you have a wonderful day! love you lots!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

it's up to york, new york!

yup, i am a few games behind. but, i must not abandon my boys in blue.
even with my casa in the shadow of the stadium, i will not forget who i am and where i came from. ok, so maybe not where i come from, but you get the point.

go yankees!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

did you know...

october 18th

is national chocolate cupcake day? seriously, in the running for the best holiday of the year.
count me in for the celebration!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

i want, i want...

{m missoni silk ruffle dress}

this dress. and i am not sure how i am going to get it, but i must find a way. now accepting donations towards the "katie needs $865 for this dress so that she can wear it for all of her upcoming fabulous events...not all, but for sure one."

i am in love with this dress.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

new word...

yes, it is true. i have created a new word which i am in love with. {it very aptly describes katie must have items pictured above.} it happened last night, while trying to calm down to get my needed 6 hours of sleep before my lovely 6am saturday morning-it is way too early to be remerchandizing the entire second room of my store-shift. anyway, we were putting together the book shelves in pace's office and he kept finding my little black bobby pins all over. which lead to this conversation...

*psg: why do i keep finding these little things all over? just get rid of them.
*me: what things?
*psg: these little things!
*me: oh, those. i need those. i can't get rid of them. gimme it!
*psg: really? you have tons of them.
*me: yes, but i need them. all of them. they are a... {at a loss for a word...tired,
not processing things correctly....} they are a necessory!
*psg: {burst out laughing} a what?
*me: a necessory. a necessary accessory. necessory. {giggling...lots of giggling}.
yes babe, you are in the presence of a genius! it is pretty much the best new
word since i created glamulous or k-fab. i am brilliant!
*psg: you do good work, katie girl.
*me: yeah, i is awesome! i can't wait to blog about this one!

so here i am sharing this oh so fabulous word with you. ladies...fellow bloggers...anyone who reads this...the word of the day is...


Saturday, October 3, 2009

and the winner is...

happy birthday to me, love me!

happy birthday to me!

happy birthday to me; happy birthday to me;
happy birthday to katie...
happy birthday to me!

i love my birthday soo very much. hardly slept a wink last night because, well, i was just too excited to sleep! today should be a great one. pace is getting me a donut, the breakfast of champions! and yes, for those who know me...just one donut, singular. i would love a dozen, but my clothes won't. after my championship breakfast we are going shopping, coming home and decorating...while watching football, and then going to dinner at renata's so i can have gnocchi. fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. and with any luck, i will have a fancy new purse accompanying me to dinner.

happy birthday to me!

*as i write this, i am bundled in my favorite blanket on the couch, giddy as a five-year old...while my fiance is...sleeping. evidently, my birthday isn't as much fun at 8am on a saturday to him as it is to me. but, i still love him.
**and i really, really, really, want this cake.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

eenie meenie miney moe...

decisions, decisions.
birthday weeks are filled with difficult decisions. now that i am moved into my apt, not yet unpacked, but moved in...this is what i fill my time with. i love birthday weeks spent occupying time deciding which fabulous new fall bag i need. hmm...decisions, decisions.
happy big 27 birthday to me in less than 48 hours.
i heart my birthday!