Saturday, May 31, 2008

congratulations minda and chris

finally their dreams have come true! on wednesday minda and chris (my fabulous boss and her husband) were able to adopt a baby girl.

mayla lucille zoloth was born on tuesday may 27th at 6:06pm. she was 6lbs 9oz and absolutely gorgeous. i will post a picture as soon as i have permission from the new mom.

chris and minda have had years of struggle and heartache trying to get a baby...i am so excited for them and their precious little baby!

congratulations mom dad and baby mayla! much love!

biggest loser week 3

yeah yeah yeah, i know that i am almost a week late on this post...but i have good excuse. that is to say i have an excuse! our weigh in was postponed to tuesday as monday was the memorial day holiday. morbid that i like this holiday? maybe, but that is for another blog another time.

back to the excuse. as mentioned before, monday was memorial day, i didn't have to work on monday (insert a choir of angels singing hallelujah). i keep my scale hidden in my employee break room at work so that i am not tempted to continually weigh myself through out the week. this easily could frustrate an already frustrated katie. so my aunt and i decided that it would be fair to post pone it until tuesday so that i didn't have to drive into work to weigh myself. a task that would have taken moments, but for those who know my is impossible for me to be at work for a "moment".

i walk in the door and they hear a choir of angels singing hallelujah, questions come from no where and, of course, there will be a situation that i just have to hear about at that very second.
damn, i love my job...i feel like a rock star when i am at work...most of the time!

ok, so now onto the weigh in. it wasn't what i wanted. i actually lost ZERO pounds. upset? a little. frustrated? a little. discouraged? a little. but, hey, i didn't gain there is a plus! and i am sure i will have these weeks, lets just hope they come few and far between!

check back on monday for another update! i am not feeling so hot about this week, but i still have two days! last minute work out here i come!

Monday, May 19, 2008

biggest loser week 2

whew! that was a hard week. i thought to myself, "hmm...week 1 was hard, but only because i was not used to the semi-healthy eating, but week two will be much easier..."

how naieve i am. week 2 was awful. dreadful, horrible, awful! it was twice as hard because i thought it would be easy...i was a cranky, pmsy, hungry katie...the equivalent of a fabulous and fashionable monster!

but....drumroll please............ I LOST ANOTHER POUND!!! yeah me! total weight loss in three weeks is three pounds! a healthy amount of weight loss. you can't see my collar bone, or my ribs, or my 6 pack...yet and i am not into my skinny jeans...but my fat jeans are a little bit to big. and really, i am quite pleased with my progress this far.

for those who care, my goal last week was one pound. my goal for next week will be two pounds. i will keep ya'll updated!

keep the well wishes coming! oh and only 4 more weeks til my scale is on sale on ebay!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

i don't know...i use the internet

this conversation is real. the names have been shortened to initials to protect the innocent.

this conversation took place between my friend christie (see earlier post about one of my favorite shades of red head!) and her boyfriend...soon to be ex-boyfriend if their if this conversation has anything to do with it!

christie had a traumatizing experience this morning...her kitty escaped last night and she is not an outdoor kitty. as chrisite has no kids, cricket is her baby. christie was very upset...hysterical, frantic, anxious, nervous...not good. the following conversation took place at the height of her emotional break down:

c: "i need to have some posters made, uh, posters to hang up of cricket..." (gets the yellow pages out and frantically begins to flip through the pages)
c: "what should i look under, posters, banners, copies...what would you look under?"
g: "um, i don't know. i haven't used the phone book in years. i use the internet, so i google everything."
c: "what? WHAT! it's the same thing!!! WHAT KEY WORD WOULD YOU USE!!!!!!!"

really? i mean really? it is difficult to believe that these conversations actually take place, especially between two intelligent people.

but, i would like to give "g" special thanks! i have a new favorite will be used and overused for generations to come!!


p.s. christie's kitty, cricket, returned home later this morning, just in time for sunday brunch! mom and kitty are doing great!

Monday, May 12, 2008

happy mother's day...a day late

katie college graduation may 05
this post is dedicated to ALL my moms! with a few special words for my mom and grandmas. i have many wonderful women in my life who i would love to call mom...or even grandma! many of you have been an inspiration to me and i admire your strength and courage. i thank you for the example that you have been to me. all of you in some way have contributed to making me the woman i am today.

to my mom...
i love you with all of my heart. you are my best friend and my hero. thank you for teaching me how to be a strong, confident and independent woman. not because i need to be, but because i can be. thank you for showing me that it is ok to cry. if i am happy or sad or just want to...tears are ok. thank you for teaching me that it is ok to be scared and to ask for help. thank you for allowing me to grow and make mistakes, for teaching me to walk tall and hold my head high. thank you for always being my shoulder to cry is not an easy job as i cry a lot! thank you for being my rock, being the one person in my life that i can always go to and always rely on. thank you for trying to teach me to cook, clean and quilt. it hasn't all caught on yet, but i am learning. thank you for teaching me to smile and laugh...especially at myself. thank you for teaching me the joy of decorating, shopping and entertaining. you have a contagious laugh and beautiful smile, i think i get mine from you. you are an amazing woman. if i grow up to be half the woman you are, i'll be ok. thanks for letting me call you mom.



to my grandmas...

grandma vawdrey thank you for teaching me to love jewelry and lip stick. thank you for teaching me to get up in the mornings and do hair and make up...even when camping. thank you for teaching me the love of dress ups, paper dolls, coloring and musicals. thank you for teaching me to love my family, and to looking forward to the day that i have kids and grandkids of my own. thank you for being a perfect example of what it means to be a good friend. thank you for raising my mom to be the woman she is today, making me the woman i am today. thanks for being my grandma.
and for my grandma jenkins who is no longer with us, thank you for teaching me to love high heels, fancy clothes, the color red and polka dots. thank you for teaching me at a young age what a real outfit is. thank you for reminding me how precious life is and that in the end finding a place where we can love, laugh and be childlike will make our lives much better. thank you for showing me that there is no stronger love in this world than the love between a husband and wife. thank you for making me smile, laugh and cry. thank you for raising my dad to be the man he is, making me the woman i am today and the daddy's girl i will always be.
for lola mae...i miss you, we all miss you. my best second grandma. a beautiful person on the inside and outside. you radiated joy and it was impossible not to smile when in your presence. i miss your hugs, lola gave the best hugs! thank you for teaching me to love pink. i think of you every time i see something pink, especially a pink flower. doesn't matter what kind, but i think of you when i see pink flowers. i'll love you forever. love, kate

thank you to all of the women in my life, mothers or all hold a special place in my heart.

happy mother's day.

biggest loser week 1

finally!!!! week one is complete! i am proud to say that last week i lost 2 pounds! yeah me! i know some of you are thinking, "wow, two pounds...big deal", but to me it is a huge deal! i am the queen of diet coke, chocolate and fast food. last week was really hard! but, i am motivated and excited to continue. i am thinking of a number in my head as my new "goal" for next week. stay tuned to find out if i make it!

Monday, May 5, 2008

biggest loser

so today is day 1 of my biggest loser challenge with my fabulous aunt lori. it was all her idea! for those who know me you know that i hate dieting because i love food! in fact, we both love food. so much so that we dedicated this past weekend to eating nothing but what ever we felt like because for the next 6 weeks, our portions and food choices will be limited!!! :( but, it will pay off in the end!

for the first time in 14 years i stepped on a scale this morning and actually saw the number!
conclusion confirmed: I HATE SCALES!

in 6 weeks, i will be selling my scale on ebay...for those who may be in need of a nice digital scale in 6 weeks. stay tuned!
wish me luck...or should i say wish my aunt luck!