Sunday, May 24, 2009

latest and greatest...

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wow, and the slacker blog award goes to...katie!
i have been neglecting my blog these past few weeks. couple of rough weeks, mental breakdowns, emotional rollercoasters, lots of work, too few hours of sleep, but i did have a mini vacay in there.

my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful parents flew me back to utah for a weekend. it was short and sweet and much needed. gotta hand it to the ones i love, they certainly know me well and know when i need to escape my reality and remember how to breathe. and breathe i did! nice fresh utah air.

i left last saturday morning...left the house at 5am and my flight arrived at 9am. went to breakfast and spent the day shopping with my mom and sis. saturday night went out to see my cute grandparents. sunday morning my mom made me breakfast on the couch. the couch in my mom's family room is seriously more comfortable than any bed...ever! so i sleep there when i go home. call me crazy, but i sleep like a cuddly baby for hours and hours! then my mom, sis, and i ran to the mall. i went shopping with my daddy and bought new running shoes (yeah!). then my dad and rick hosted a fabulous bbq at their house. russ and karen came up too! monday morning, my mom and i guessed it, shopping. then out to say good bye to my grandparents. we met my sis and my dad downtown at his office and had a lovely time chatting at starbucks. went straight from starbucks to the airport and pace picked me up at 6pm on monday. it was a great weekend and much needed.

this week, pace is river guiding, i am interviewing for a new job and taking a boring lame stupid business training trip to phoenix. so, i am the lone ranger in my house until i leave on friday and then pace will pick me up again at the airport friday night. yuck. we have been so busy these past few weeks, we have been two ships passing in the night. i am definitely looking forward to having next sunday off and relaxing with my baby.

so that about does it on the katie home front. it is almost june, which means eight weeks until our trip back to utah for some r and r and the spaghetti open! yeah for families, we are so greatful for ours!

wish me luck in my interview!

katie out.

year one...DONE!

last night we finished our first year of grad school! one year down, two to go! by we, i mean pace. but, really, it is a team effort down here. i like to think of myself as his first line of defense...and sometimes the last! usally i am the first person to read and edit his papers and last night, i was the last and only person to read his final. lots of pressure on me...can't imagine what pressure he is under! it was a beast of a paper, but is is "signed, sealed, delivered!" and i couldn't be prouder of my favorite up and coming writer!

yeah for us having one year under our belt...and yeah yeah yeah for pace! all of his hard work will pay off in the end. i am so proud of him!

congratulations babe! here is to two more fantastic years!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

my knight...

thank you pace for knowing me so well. thank you for knowing when i need a break, without me saying a word. thank you for letting me take a break, for letting me breathe, letting me cry and letting me fall apart.

thank you for being my knight in shining armor.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

proud of U!

can't believe it. my baby brother is, as of friday, an official alumi of the university of utah. wow. he is such a great guy. truly, one of my favorite people. for those who facebook...this little blurb tells our story...

"i am my little brother's biggest fan. i can count on one hand the number of special events in his life i have missed. we had a rocky begining. i didn't know how awesome little brother's were, especially mine. and i was a little upset that i didn't have two sisters. it didn't take long for us to connect. we have a bond that really only he and i understand. he is my special little (big) guy. i can count on three fingers the number of sporting events i missed. from t-ball to varsity tennis, and every sport in between. lost my voice a number of times cheering for #28. now i might not be able to make it home for his college graduation and it is breaking my heart."

a truly heart broken big sister. work, growing up and living in another state all suck when you miss your baby brother's college graduation.

i just want him to know how special he is to me. how much i love him. and how amazingly proud of him i am. job well done buddy. congrats to you ry guy. love you bud.

*the picture above was taken at his high school graduation, june 9th 2005. it will have to play substitute for the lack of college graduation picutre from may 8th, 2009.