Sunday, August 9, 2009

the ring

ahhh, swooning.

i love it. it is beautiful, everything that i could have imagined. this photo is with the wedding band on, which obviously, doesn't get to stay with me...have to wait until next year for that one!

i am in love.

Monday, August 3, 2009

"say i do...

i do! i do! i do! i do! i do!" (name that abba song! heheheh!)

that's right. if you haven't guessed it...pace and i are getting married. wow. seriously, wow. i cannot express in words how completely overwhelmed with excitement, and joy i am at this moment. it happened yesterday afternoon, on a picnic, in good ol' murray park. it was so perfectly perfect for the two of us, so totally "katie and pace". i will love murray park, artic circle corn dogs and pace for the rest of my life. no, he didn't put the ring on the corn dog stick...but it would have been quite hilarious if he had. it was the most genuine, loving thing he has ever done. it was so perfectly, simple and sweet and...perfect. just perfect. i cried and cried, forgot to breathe, forgot to answer, and scared some people trying to enjoy their picnic cause i was having a panic attack.

we haven't set a date, we are working on it. it will not be at christmas, and will be somewhere between june 1 and july 20 of next year. i am running on little sleep, high adrenaline and pure emotion. this man is my best friend, my confidant, my...well, everything and finally i get to officially call him mine and my husband. wow. we have had our ups and downs, and more ups and more downs, but we are us. we make it through and we make it better.

our families are fabulous. i have never felt more love and support from any group of people in my life. thank you for celebrating with us. thank you for loving us and supporting us.

i am totally at a loss for words...although it isn't showing!

i do...i do...i do...i do...i do!

ps...that ring isn't mine. i had mixed feelings about posting it. i will if you want me to, but i wasn't sure what the "etiquette" about ring photos was! so if you want to see it...speak up!