Friday, July 31, 2009

katie math

plus (+)

plus (+)

equals (=)

the end.

and this math equation starts tomorrow at 6am.

Monday, July 27, 2009


that's right! it is just around the corner. happy happy monday to me! pace and i will be leaving on a jet plane early saturday morning for ten awesome days with family and friends in good ol' murray! i am so excited to come back. i came home for less than 48 hours in may, but haven't really been home since christmas. pace on the other hand has not been home since christmas. so needless to say, we are stoked! i am sure photos will be taken, i will try try try to get them up on the blog. so fellow utahns...

see you on saturday...or early next week!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

just do it.

after much, much deliberation i have decided to keep my own tradition alive and i am getting my bum out of bed tomorrow and going to the nordstrom anniversary sale...alone. cambria will be shopping without me, and me without her. hmm. sad. but, since i was in 6th grade i have YET to miss the first day of the anniversary sale. yes, 6th grade. up until 2007 i went with my dad and my sister, then i guess my dad decided that at the age of 25 i no longer needed a "back to school wardrobe"...considering that it had been 3 years since i had been in school! i have the world's best daddy! :)

anyway, tomorrow or saturday...or sunday, i will update you on my fabulous fall fashion finds!

must go to bed. big shopping day ahead of me!

katie out.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

a summer must see

highly recommed this movie. a tiny bit long, but well worth it. if you thought you loved mr. depp as jack sparrow...just wait til you see him as john dillinger. wow. that is all i can say. wow.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

fourth of july and.... richard nixon?

so, first i promised that i would post this weekend. it is 8:30 am on the 4th of july and i am too excited to sleep. so i am awake, blogging. because there is no parade to attend. :( saddness. anyway, totally excited for our party this eve. should be a blast. edith confirmed that there will in fact be a live mariachi band and yeah, that makes it better. is a theme party. who loves a theme? i do i do!!! so, it is a retirement/happy birthday edith's dad/happy fourth of july party with a luau theme. rad. on the agenda today is finding a fourth of july themed hawaiian dress. wish me luck.

last night robert and laura (roomie from freshman year at asu) came to dine with us. pace had this oh so fabulous idea to dine at the el adobe restaurant in san juan capistrano. i am always down for mexican food, could eat it pretty much everyday with no complaints. as we had never been, and robert and laura had obviously never been we decided to give it a go. best food ever. absolutely fantastic!!! live mariachi band (two nights in a row! super excited about that!), awesome chips and salsa, fantastic food, wedding ceremony on the patio...and evidently, this is what richard nixon and i have in common. yup. this happened to be a favorite restaurant of president and mrs. nixon, as stated on their menu. they often dined at el adobe or had el adobe cater meals at the western white house. so yeah, good friends, good food and a mini history lesson all in one night. i love fabulous fridays!

off to get bagels for fourth of july breakfast. as pace nay sayed my awesome idea to make festive red, white and blue parfaits for breakfast.

happy fourth of july!

katie out.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

life happens...

it's totally the truth. that is why again, i am awarding myself the world's biggest slacker award. i have had numerous reminders that i need to update, and i do. but, guys, my life is boring right now. seriously, the seagull story from seaworld is still the best story coming out of socal right now. it is the talk of my apartment, the story i still am telling at work...and i think i have a few of my vs girls telling it too! yes! finally, i have a living legacy story. not sure i wanted it to involve a seagull, but ya take what ya can get!

i totally totally promise that come this weekend i will have atleast one super blogtastic story to tell. one of my old college roomies is coming to san diego this weekend and she and her fiance are making the long trek up the coast (all 1 hour of it) to see us. totally, totally stoked. haven't seen her since january of 2006. sure to be good times. good food, a little wine, it will be fabulous. and i will TRY to take pics, but i am photographically challenged.

and lets not forget...

a katie's must have ...a holiday is quickly approaching. hope that ya'll have your red white and blue outfits picked out for saturday! cause...that's's the fourth of july! yeah! parades, salt water taffy, hot firemen on the truck in the parade, fireworks at the park...oh wait. this kinda sucks. all this fun happens back in murray. instant sadness. hmm...ok, so pace and i will be having a fourth of july celebration down here. yes, i know that fireworks are "illegal" because they have a high tendency of causing fires, but really...for one night...i a rule breaker. i know, i know. but, it is for a semi-decent and hopefully not too "illegal". i think i can buy them in santa the back of a truck for a fairly decent price. and guys, the grass outside my apartment is fake anyway. really, it is. so i don't really see a problem. the first fourth of july with truly, hot fireworks. it's the same as paying your neighbor to drive to evanston and having murray pd show up three times...right?

we have been invited to a fourth of july party by my buddy edith. my partner in crime at work. and it pretty much should be a blast. the party coincides with her dad's 60th birthday party. here are a few details...and i think you will get the hint. all you can eat mexican food, shots of tequila, and a mariachi band. yeah, awesomeness. pace...stoked. totally stoked. but, we still have to find a parade to attend. and we better find one. otherwise i am going to be decorating a bike, that i will have to buy, with streamers and making my own parade. which could be pretty fabulous, but i am hoping i can find another option.

ok, time for the gym. yuck. i will post this weekend. promise.

katie out.

oh, oh, oh, and i am coming home august 1st to august 10th, and my days and nights are filling up quickly. so get in touch for you fellow bloggers who want to party with katie in utah. :) mrs. jubber, mrs. herrera, mrs. kaeding, mrs. williams...yeah, i am talking to you guys. lets set up play dates asap!!!!!

much love.