Saturday, October 2, 2010

happy birthday to me...

in honor of my big 2-8 birthday, i decided to make myself the most fabulous-katie-tastic cupcakes i could think of. above is the result of my mind running 1000 miles per hour as i wander around the grocery store. wanted, pink and black and bling...and thus my bling-tastic cuppies were born. and i am awfully proud of them.

must also give much love to dear minda. and my adorable heidy. thank you loves for throwing me a surprise party at rice. it was a much needed girls night and it meant the world to me.

i will end my last 30 minutes of my 27th year saying...this year has been hard, really hard. but, everything thus far has worked out for the best. i am a much stronger and wiser woman going into my 28th year...and i am looking forward to the many wacky and crazy adventures that are yet to come.

love to all my bloggies.

27 year old katie out.