Saturday, April 30, 2011

it's about time...

so pretty much it would be the understatement of the century if i said that i was a slacker with my blog. i am like the worst blogger ever. there was a time when i was really good...and now, well. as you can see from the little blogger time tracker underneath my name on your respective blogs it has been oh about ... 7 months. holy...what the...7 freaking months?! and the award for worst blogger ever goes to...katie. {insert applause here}

it is totally not that my life isn't crazy interesting cause it is...
i just bought the most amazing end table at the most amazing consignment store today. and last night i got yelled at in the lobby of my fabulous hotel by a guest who was for lack of better words "stoned out of his mind" and tried to use is crazy stoner logic on me while trying to explain that i shouldn't kick him out of the hotel because he didn't smoke in his room. he smoked in the hall outside of his room. (ah, really do love stoner logic.) i also got to redecorate my office and it is fabulous...and i finally have a freaking real office with a door. so i can shut it and not talk to my crazy associates who come and find me at all hours to ask me questions that make my head hurt. said office is a fabulous shade of tiffany blue with white and black...and peacock feather accents. yes. it is glorious. oh and two weeks ago i introduced threeeeee new pairs of flip flops to my flip flop family and that brings my flip flop total to 48. i kinda need two more pairs to make an even 50 cause my crazy ocd-ness about my necessories (see previous blog in like 2009 for definition of in november cause i was still in cali) is freaking out right now that i am two pairs away...and my wallet is like "ok, you can cause it will make you feel better!" (thanks wallet!)
so see guys, i am totally still interesting!

the only real reason that i get the slacker award is because a) my lap top died and i am too lazy to take it to best buy and find out why b) i don't have access to my blog at my work (or facebook or people or nordstrom...ahhhhhhh) stupid baracuda blocker non-access to anything fun program and c) i spend all my time at work typing and on a computer and i just kinda want to chill and watch real housewives, cupcake wars and the biggest loser on tv.

{by the way, these three shows are the katie trinity of shows...housewives (i aspire to be one, a nice one, but i want to be one), cupcake wars (cause i seriously l.o.v.e baking/decorating and i think that i could be on that show and probably do really well until i go up against someone who can really bake from scratch) and biggest loser for motivation.}
pretty much i am coming to the realization that i totally need to do all my bloggie friends a favor and blog more so that i don't have to tell you all about my past 7 months in one blog. but, hey...key take aways (whoa...been spending way toooo much time on conference calls and in trainings as i just used "take aways" naturally...scary)...

1. i am still interesting and crazy and love flip flops
2. still love my tv shows and could tell you all about them and why i love them and most importantly why i truly do aspire to be on real housewives
3. still a long winded blogger and hope that maybe 1 or two of you stuck it out this long to read my final thoughts.

final thoughts section: i am not going to lie to you and tell you that i am going to be a better blogger...cause if i did one a month i would think i was an awesome blogger. but, i will make an attempt to keep an eye on this and not wait for 7 months to post again.

for those still with me...thanks for hanging on! be back soon...

katie out.