Tuesday, January 20, 2009

here's to you mr. president...

"we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics..."

-president barack h. obama, january 20th 2009
thank you president obama for renewing my faith in our government. the words you spoke rang loud and clear. i am truly hopeful, for the first time in my adult life. thank you for reminding us all what it truly means to be an american. i look forward to the rebuilding of the "vital trust between a people and their government."

thank you, mr. president.
hope is the road i choose to travel with you.

Monday, January 19, 2009

change is coming...tomorrow!

ok, so usually i am not the eternal optimist...i would say that actually rarely, i am the eternal optimist. i get inside my own head and sometimes my mind jumps to the absolute worst conclusion possible. like 8 years ago when they announced that president bush was elected, i cried myself to sleep...and for good reason. never mind that, it is in the past...ah, how wonderful to say that we finally have these past 8 years behind us. today i am feeling quite at peace. i am feeling surprisingly optimistic.

i have been watching nbc most of the morning and i can feel the positive energy radiating from washington dc out of my tv. fox news has coverage (and yes, they were my election headquarters channel) but, their conservative vibe just isn't what i am looking for today. it is an awe inspiring sight right now. to see the crowds of americans lining the mall, anxiously awaiting the inauguration tomorrow. makes me feel pretty patriotic and proud to be an amerian.

i welcome the change the president elect obama so strongly speaks of. i am excited to see what the next four, possibly eight years could bring. mostly, i am excited that this change starts tomorrow.
thank you mr. president elect for making me proud to be a democrat and proud to be an american.

bring on the change!

oh, and yes, i am also anxious to see what fabulous dress michelle obama will be wearing tomorrow and at the inaugural gala! i am excited to see what fabulous fashion changes come with this new presidency! michelle obama...bringing glamour back to the white house that we haven't seen since nancy reagan! did ya'll see her white dress for the inaugural gala...truly a glamorous dress! much better than the next 7 inaugural dresses that followed!
ahh, a renewed sense of patriotism and fashion...what could be better?

are you ready for some football...

wow. wow. wow. that is all i can say about those afc and nfc games yesterday. arizona cardinals...c'mon. that certainly deserves a wow. even if you are a cardinals fan, you cannot tell me that you expected them to be in the superbowl...c'mon, they are the cardinals. one of six franchises who (until the 2nd of february) have never made a superbowl appearance. i heart football!

then moving on to my steelers game...wow. the hits alone in that game deserve a wow. hines ward, recover well. and because i am a good sport...willis mcgahee of the ravens, recover well too. what a hit that was!

so no more needs to be said until my steelers are superbowl champs on february 1st.

go steelers!

Friday, January 16, 2009

i heart boot...

not cute fashionable ones. medical ones. oh it is true. i have been couch ridden for exactly 24 hours. i am going stir crazy. why you ask...oh, i decided that i wanted to revisit the dangerous history that my left foot and i have. it all started last october when i performed the most amazing spin while staying in place move and created some fabulous tendonitis. not just any tendonitis, but such that i would have to wear a walking cast from october 26th until january 8th. yeah, for someone who LOVES shoes, rocking one boot and one shoe was quite a look. luckily, the boot was black so it worked.

well, last night i talked pace into going to tcby with me to get frozen yogurt in the brief time in between the office and 30 rock. we were walking quickly...pace was jogging/running, i was walking quickly behind and...voila, i stepped off the sidewalk onto the astro turf lost my blance and twisted my ankle something awful. i had the most horrendous pain shoot up my foot and that was it. i burst into tears pace basically carried me into the house. my fabulous-rad-awesome-amazing-wonderful mother fedex'd me my long lost boot. boot will be arriving tomorrow by noon, i am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. so much so that i am considering tying some yellow ribbons to the old rubber tree outside my door to welcome the boot home.

fortunately, i am required to wear all black at work, so again...matching won't be an issue. i will certainly keep ya'll posted, but katie's left foot is down for the count.

and yes, for those mom's reading this blog, if it is still swollen on monday i will be going to the doctor for further examination. i was not about to go to an er at ten pm...and the swelling has decreased considerably since last night. and in 24 hours i have become quite a hopper...my right leg is tired.

here's to a wonderful start to my weekend. i certainly hope that everyone else's is going well.

my mantra for the next three weeks...i heart boot.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

the letter s...

thus far, this letter has by far provided me with all things awesome today.

saturday... the day of the week which brings me a short day at work and football playoffs
seventy-seven...the temperature today in sunny southern california
sunny...oh how i love the sun shiny weather this lovely lovely non-work saturday
s'more...the type of brownie i made last night (and enjoyed just a moment ago) which brought pace and i much happiness while watching marie antoinette on our new big tv. sweatpants...how i love coming home from work and putting you on. you make me feel so comfy and like i have instantly lost ten pounds...as i wear mine in a mens xl, i have a hard time keeping them up! instant comfort and the feeling of weight loss!
scarf...while digging for my fav sweats i found my long lost black and white houndstooth scarf! this has been missing since november and it just appeared under my sweats as if it were placed there for me to find today.
sweater...my long black sweater was also found while digging for my sweatpants...tangled up with my scarf!
smile...it's saturday and "everything is coming up {katie}!" (ah, the simpson's: also starts with "s" and provided me with my favorite quote!)

thank you letter s.
i heart you.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


i am horrible when it comes to new year's resolutions. i always have the best intentions when i write them, but i never seem to last more than a week. i seem to grow bored with them. maybe i should try to challenge myself more...maybe. but this year i really wanted to make resolutions that i could keep.

i just finished explaining my whole thought process to pace...his response. "hmm...well, do it." i think that was supposed to be encouraging. it is midnight.

ok, so this year instead of creating a laundry list of resolutions, none of which i have any intention of keeping, i have decided to come up with a new year's word. not just any word, but a word that can be applied to all facets of my crazy katie life.

my word...balance.

this new years i resolve to find balance in my life. balance between work and play, between being on a diet and not being on a diet, balance between saving every dime and spending every dime., balance in being crazy happy excited energetic and sad mopey moody ornry and well, down right bitchy. my hope is that finding this balance will make me a better girl friend, daughter, sister, co-worker, friend and person.

i wish you all a happy prosperous 2009.

so cheers this new year's to finding balance.

we are the champions

ahh, here is a much belated congratulations to my running utes, 2009 sugar bowl champs! unfortunately, i didn't get to watch the game...i didn't even get to hear the game.

i had to work. so here is a thanks to pace, my mama, d roe, riley and ms. lindsey who all kept me well informed. i am sure that i was the only one screaming for joy in the stock room at vss 478 when the final score was texted to me!

as my work attire is limited to black on black, i decided to sport my red heart neclace proudly. and i like to think that it worked!

so as i have said numerous times before...

a utah WOman am i...go utes!