Saturday, April 30, 2011

it's about time...

so pretty much it would be the understatement of the century if i said that i was a slacker with my blog. i am like the worst blogger ever. there was a time when i was really good...and now, well. as you can see from the little blogger time tracker underneath my name on your respective blogs it has been oh about ... 7 months. holy...what the...7 freaking months?! and the award for worst blogger ever goes to...katie. {insert applause here}

it is totally not that my life isn't crazy interesting cause it is...
i just bought the most amazing end table at the most amazing consignment store today. and last night i got yelled at in the lobby of my fabulous hotel by a guest who was for lack of better words "stoned out of his mind" and tried to use is crazy stoner logic on me while trying to explain that i shouldn't kick him out of the hotel because he didn't smoke in his room. he smoked in the hall outside of his room. (ah, really do love stoner logic.) i also got to redecorate my office and it is fabulous...and i finally have a freaking real office with a door. so i can shut it and not talk to my crazy associates who come and find me at all hours to ask me questions that make my head hurt. said office is a fabulous shade of tiffany blue with white and black...and peacock feather accents. yes. it is glorious. oh and two weeks ago i introduced threeeeee new pairs of flip flops to my flip flop family and that brings my flip flop total to 48. i kinda need two more pairs to make an even 50 cause my crazy ocd-ness about my necessories (see previous blog in like 2009 for definition of in november cause i was still in cali) is freaking out right now that i am two pairs away...and my wallet is like "ok, you can cause it will make you feel better!" (thanks wallet!)
so see guys, i am totally still interesting!

the only real reason that i get the slacker award is because a) my lap top died and i am too lazy to take it to best buy and find out why b) i don't have access to my blog at my work (or facebook or people or nordstrom...ahhhhhhh) stupid baracuda blocker non-access to anything fun program and c) i spend all my time at work typing and on a computer and i just kinda want to chill and watch real housewives, cupcake wars and the biggest loser on tv.

{by the way, these three shows are the katie trinity of shows...housewives (i aspire to be one, a nice one, but i want to be one), cupcake wars (cause i seriously l.o.v.e baking/decorating and i think that i could be on that show and probably do really well until i go up against someone who can really bake from scratch) and biggest loser for motivation.}
pretty much i am coming to the realization that i totally need to do all my bloggie friends a favor and blog more so that i don't have to tell you all about my past 7 months in one blog. but, hey...key take aways (whoa...been spending way toooo much time on conference calls and in trainings as i just used "take aways" naturally...scary)...

1. i am still interesting and crazy and love flip flops
2. still love my tv shows and could tell you all about them and why i love them and most importantly why i truly do aspire to be on real housewives
3. still a long winded blogger and hope that maybe 1 or two of you stuck it out this long to read my final thoughts.

final thoughts section: i am not going to lie to you and tell you that i am going to be a better blogger...cause if i did one a month i would think i was an awesome blogger. but, i will make an attempt to keep an eye on this and not wait for 7 months to post again.

for those still with me...thanks for hanging on! be back soon...

katie out.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

happy birthday to me...

in honor of my big 2-8 birthday, i decided to make myself the most fabulous-katie-tastic cupcakes i could think of. above is the result of my mind running 1000 miles per hour as i wander around the grocery store. wanted, pink and black and bling...and thus my bling-tastic cuppies were born. and i am awfully proud of them.

must also give much love to dear minda. and my adorable heidy. thank you loves for throwing me a surprise party at rice. it was a much needed girls night and it meant the world to me.

i will end my last 30 minutes of my 27th year saying...this year has been hard, really hard. but, everything thus far has worked out for the best. i am a much stronger and wiser woman going into my 28th year...and i am looking forward to the many wacky and crazy adventures that are yet to come.

love to all my bloggies.

27 year old katie out.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

i could live...

in michael kors "camel, cashmere and fur" collection. ahh. seriously. i have decided that as i am living with my mom, and not paying "rent" that i will spend my extra time, effort and $$$ making my wardrobe as fabulous as i possibly can. ahh, the joys of being 28 with an awesome job and little other responsibilities. it is working out pretty well for me. but, seriously. i could live in this collection. too bad i have to wear black suits to work...but, i am surprising myself with my fab "black suit" combinations. shoes really do make the woman...and the outfit. could also live in the "glamo camo" collection, too. wow. wow. wow.

i could also live in the house that jennifer aniston and owen wilson move to in "marley & me". yeah. my dream house. where one day i will have a fabulous yard, and dog, and husband and kids and we can play football outside in the fall, and make snow angels in the snow...and ahhh....someday. i want to live in rural pennsylvania. or maybe in herriman or draper. i think it would be sort of the same. sort of.

i also could live in one of the fabulous houses in the october issue of family circle or in the halloween magazine that my mom found. ahhh...un-be-lie-va-ble. yeah. i sooo miss having my own house to decorate. ladies...really...lace on a pumpkin. check it out. you will love. i promise.

moral of the story today is...i could live with michael rural pennsylvania (draper or herriman) and in a house permanently decorated for halloween.

it's kinda been one of those days.

Friday, September 3, 2010

and... i'm back

slightly pretentious? maybe. but as i don't have my will be a tad bit more difficult to keep the updates as constant. game plan 1...get a new laptop.

i am happy, and content, and exhausted...been sick for the past week. normally, i would have kept all you bloggies up on my sickness...but, what can i say...i am a slacker.

so quick recap for the past little while:

love the job
love being in slc
love the new car (well, new as of february)
miss california
miss people in california
work a lot of hours (working in the hotel sort of lends itself to this)
do a ton of shopping
and more shopping
spend lots of time with the fam

sadly, we lost my gramps on august 11th. which is where the fam and shopping come in. lots of you sent me some amazing messages on facebook and i appreciated every one of them. love you gramps! xoxo

for now, i am happy. and it feels good to be happy. and for you guys, you can just look forward to many more happy posts.

i've got some serious catching up to do!

katie out.

p.s. 30 day countdown to my birthday...the big 2-8. yikes!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

a post...

ok fellow bloggers and readers. it has been a while. and after this post, it will probably still be a while. things have changed in my life. life has taken me down a new path that i didn't ever expect to be on, or really want to be on, but i am here. i have my health, my family and friends, and an apetite again. when i am able to post again, i will. i just wanted my readers and bloggie friends to know that i am...just ok. i'll be back.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i think....

that kate gosselin looks like bret michaels with her new hair cut/add on. not an improvement. if i had spent 20 hours of my life getting these extensions put in...i would ask for those hours back.

just saying...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a year in the life of katie

for non-facebook friends...this is my year in review. my year according to facebook status'. a very katie year, indeed.