Saturday, September 11, 2010

i could live...

in michael kors "camel, cashmere and fur" collection. ahh. seriously. i have decided that as i am living with my mom, and not paying "rent" that i will spend my extra time, effort and $$$ making my wardrobe as fabulous as i possibly can. ahh, the joys of being 28 with an awesome job and little other responsibilities. it is working out pretty well for me. but, seriously. i could live in this collection. too bad i have to wear black suits to work...but, i am surprising myself with my fab "black suit" combinations. shoes really do make the woman...and the outfit. could also live in the "glamo camo" collection, too. wow. wow. wow.

i could also live in the house that jennifer aniston and owen wilson move to in "marley & me". yeah. my dream house. where one day i will have a fabulous yard, and dog, and husband and kids and we can play football outside in the fall, and make snow angels in the snow...and ahhh....someday. i want to live in rural pennsylvania. or maybe in herriman or draper. i think it would be sort of the same. sort of.

i also could live in one of the fabulous houses in the october issue of family circle or in the halloween magazine that my mom found. ahhh...un-be-lie-va-ble. yeah. i sooo miss having my own house to decorate. ladies...really...lace on a pumpkin. check it out. you will love. i promise.

moral of the story today is...i could live with michael rural pennsylvania (draper or herriman) and in a house permanently decorated for halloween.

it's kinda been one of those days.


The Kaedings said...

Oh I have missed you and your funny posts. I'm for sure picking up that Halloween magazine..totally my favorite holiday to decorate for!

Aaron and Lauren Edwards said...

agreed. Aaron and I were driving through penn. last year just as the leaves were turning. it was soooo beautiful.

Angeline said...

I have seen the pumpkin and lace is a must for this years decor for sure.